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  1. Need Vet Help for my cat’s pain in his paw. Don’t have a cell device to upload a pic. white paws, tabby markings with brown to beige/w/white markings. Vet says a half breed of tab & siamese. He is about 17 yrs old I know his paws need to be clipped. But, the his is a painful thing he is having.

    • Signe. I have responded to your previous email. You comments were moderated because it is your first time commenting on this site. Future comments will be published immediately. Good luck.

  2. My cat is approximently 17 years old half tab and half siamese. He has much too long toe nails and the one on the right seems to be ingrown and causing him much pain. Need to do something. I can no longer drive and need to do something for his pain. What can I do? Frantic, my one only Love of my Life. Signe Wright (916) 715-4077. or email : signewright14@gmail.com Sacramento, CA Arden Area

    • I had the same problem with my now dead lady cat. I trimmed the claw. It was difficult and she complained bitterly but it removed the discomfort and the paw pad healed on its own. You will two people to do this. One to hold your cat (use towels perhaps) and the other to trim the claw. It will need the correct tool. Be precise and careful. Ask your vet.

      As for pain meds, I’d ring up your vet and ask because giving pain killers to cats is tricky. I would not do it without advice and don’t give Metacam as it causes kidney damage. Good luck and sorry this is so short but the advice I believe is correct.

  3. great info. . . I constantly monitor the behaviors of my kitties — especially my seniors. . . should I notice anything unusual or different about them, I contact my vet. . . ♥♥♥

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