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Cat Chases Coyote — 4 Comments

  1. Wow! Of course a cat could chase a coyote, for whatever reason. Cats are unique and have so much character. While it may not be a common occurrence or highly probable, it is definitely possible.

    • Yes, it is possible, and happens all the time. I even have a link to a video showing a house-cat chasing a bear up a tree.

      But it’s not due to the reason that any of you think. It has absolutely nothing to do with an imagined sense of cat-bravado.

      Across all phyla of the earth, from reef-life to insects to larger mammals, any bold patterns in an unknown animal is perceived by all other species as, “Danger! Potentially deadly! Avoid at all costs!”

      Due to the bold patterns that humans have bred into house-cats, wildlife perceives them as being dangerous or toxic. The very same reason the skunk has its bold black & white stripes and spots, or the wasp or bee has their bold yellow and black banding, or the deadly Blue-Ringed Octopus has its nearly-fluorescent blue-ring warning pattern.

      Considering how many deadly diseases that house-cats spread to all wildlife, perhaps their bold patterns today are saving wildlife when they react to this ancient animal-communication flag of Bold patterns = deadly.

      (Not that Michael Broad will publish this, this information reveals just how little he knows about nature and the real world.)

      • My god you are arrogant. You know it all and everyone else knows nothing and are stupid. You insult people in your arrogance. You are an awful person. Stay away and stop insulting me and others. Your quasi-science irritates me. I won’t publish anymore of your comments.

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