Cat Chases Dog Away

Cat Chases Dog Away

by Christine

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One day I was sitting on my porch just petting my cat Porkchop. It was like any other day. The first thing that I heard was the barking next door. My neighbor's dog "Andrew" was doing something again alright.

I am afraid of dogs so when it didn't stop I went to the door. My baby sitter just walked out with my mom. All of a sudden like nothing had happened Andrew came running into our yard like a speeding bullet. The was some Tupperware in the yard also.

As Andrew came running in, he tripped on it skidding. Why? You might ask that, I did too but then I saw it, Porkchop was chasing Andrew and hissing up a storm. Well, that dog ran really fast, and oh yes he ran. Straight into the upper part of our yard and back into his.

Porkchop came back to me looking as if he was smiling. My babysitter started talking now, "Oh, my cat would never do that!" We always laugh about this story. This is one of my favorite stories about Porkchop.


(the picture is a from Google but looks a lot like Porkchop! - note from Admin to photographer: please contact me if you want payment for the picture.)

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Cat Chases Dog Away

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Apr 25, 2012 Cats are VERY protective of their humans ! NEW
by: Anonymous

That's one funny story, it clearly show how strongly cats care of their humans, having been cat lovers for several decades I sincerely attest to that.
Our large Russian Blue Keke used to chase ANY dog that came too close to our yard, including large german shepherds & dobermans. He chased them then if they turned around would DIG his claws into their muzzle, all dogs were terrified of this Russian Blue.
Snuggles, our spayed female ginger tabby would guard yard & house fiercely. One time @ midnight we were awakened by the obvious sound of a cat fight, husband says "Need to break it so neighbors & us can sleep" I went outside & found our girl Snuggles fighting a large male, I said, "Break it up, people are trying to sleep" & went inside house.
Next day our neighbors says "That was amazing, you just told them to break it up & they did. Do you think Snuggles could take care of that whiny poodle in corner house?"
Cats are very protective of their humans & property. They're loyal, loving & intelligent.
Southeast Arizona (USA)

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