Cat Chew Toy

Cat Chew Toy


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Cat Chewing Behaviors and the Cat Chew Toy – Some cats have very strange chewing behaviors. Have you ever found your feline chewing or sucking on cotton, wool or other fabrics? Your cat could also possibly favor the feel of having plastic in its mouth. Odd cat chewing behaviors can result in some very serious medical complications, so try to nip any strange habits in the bud as soon as you notice them. Here are some good tips to help curb a cat’s strange chewing behavior:

  1. Feed the need. If your cat loves to crunch on things, offer it such items as dry food, whole baby carrots or lettuce. You can also get cat chew toys
  2. Green grocer. Create a window box designed to attract your cat that is filled with cat nip, wheat grass, etc.
  3. Bored cats set the stage for being destructive. Get cat activity center and other interactive toys to engage your kitten’s mind and body
  4. Make eating seem to be more natural for your cat by hiding tiny bits of food in various locations. This will make your cat search for the food. Mealtime, therefore, will be a time of anticipation and joy for your kitten
  5. It is recommended by Marsha Reich, DVM, to use food-dispensing toys that will make your cat “work” to get the food out. Also, if you prefer to give canned food, freeze ice cube-size portions. This controls the amount and as the food begins to thaw, your cat is given the time for ingesting and processing the cat food
  6. If your cat prefers a certain brand, don’t change it. Cats are very predictable and they prefer things such as members of the family, litter box, furniture and brand of food to remain the same
  7. Do not reward behaviors that you do not want repeated. Reward the positive things your cat does by giving it cat food treats, massage, grooming, praise or anything it likes
  8. Redirect any inappropriate behavior that your cat has. Your cat will soon get the idea that group-fun is much better than sitting all alone with its blanket
  9. If your cat insists on chewing plastic, wood or fabric, then try spritzing those materials with a bitter substance or cat-safe repellent
  10. The smell of perfume is disliked by many pets. If you don’t wish your cat to linger in a certain place, then mix one part perfume with ten parts of water and spray in the forbidden zone
  11. In order to discourage chewing by your cat, put something that does not taste good on the cord. Here are some substances you may wish to try: Tabasco sauce, Bitter Orange/Apple nail-biting nail polish, cayenne pepper, or lemon/orange peel.

    If you cannot find something that will prevent you cat from chewing, you may want to try using gaffer’s tape to wrap around exposed cords. This tape comes in numerous colors and you will most likely be able to find something that is somewhat inconspicuous. You may also wish to use duct tape, but it has the drawback that it is pretty messy, and if you are moving out of an apartment it will be very hard to clean up. If you own your own home, you may want to consider the possibility of putting in permanent wiring, that is, putting it behind walls, etc. This suggestion may work on other chewed items as well, but you will first need to check how compatible the chewed item is with the discouraging substance you put on it

  12. 12. If you really have a problem with your cat’s improper chewing behavior, you can always choose to have your cat’s teeth removed. Agreed, it is a drastic measure, but I would rather see a toothless cat than a euthanized cat. This suggestion is only the last resort.

Here is an example of a chew toy you may like to try with your kitten or cat. It is called Petstages Catnip Chew Ring. This cat chew toy provides:

  • crunchy catnip filling, which will clean your cat’s teeth as they tear into the soft outer fabric
  • This cat chew toy is filled with catnip and catnip stalks. It will attract your kitty and improve its dental health
  • It is made of a durable nylon shell and will not run when it is pierced by your cat’s teeth
  • For added chewing fun, the ribbon bunches
  • The ring shape exercises your cat’s jaw muscles.

    There are many types of cat chew toy for cats on the market today. Using these toys is not only good for keeping your cat’s teeth clean but is great for satisfying the urge to chew!


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