Cat Christmas Poem

Cat Christmas Poem

by Zachariah Atteberry

Photo by fofurasfelinas - What more can you ask? A photo by the best Flickr cat photographer and a cat Christmas poem by Zach

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Photo by fofurasfelinas - What more can you ask? A photo by the best Flickr cat photographer and a cat Christmas poem by Zach

This frosty Christmas
Life will befall your door.
Frail, tired and weak
Came running a spirit of speechless love;
To pay you a visit the lord has sent,
This blizzard evening.

Ornaments shine with bliss
Flakes of purity fall
From the frost born sky;
Christmas is love --
Spirit guide our hearts --
And together we shall roam.

Resting tediously
Meeting the rest of the family
Shy and knelt in praise
Clawing our hearts; Silently --
As we laid in complete harmony.

As the morning dawned
She left as silently as she came
An assassin in the eerie midnight --
Perhaps to light another soul --
One long lost.

Some winter night,
Observe the love at your door
Her eyes will gleam yellow --
Her heart will ask to come in --
Listen to her domestic melody
Fore the spirit shall return --
One Christmas night.

Tell me what you think, this is my first poem of this type, and leave comment if you want to...Zach

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Cat Christmas Poem

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Dec 16, 2009 i love this
by: kathy

I love your poem.

Dec 13, 2009 Lovely poem
by: Ruth

Hi Zach, I always love your poems,they are very deep and touching.You are very talented !

Dec 12, 2009 Fine work
by: Michael

Well done Zach. Loved it. Really nice. I added a great picture by a nice Bazilian person, Giane Portal, who helps rescue cats and takes fine photos.

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