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  1. I rescued a Ragamuffin who had been livin under an R.V. in a KOA for 4-5 yrs. She was declawed & about 8yrs. old at the time. I was “horrified”. That’s been 4 Yrs. ago. I want to mention her behavior since I’ve had her. Downside to declawing: She mutilates under her chin trying to clean it, she has to use her back paws which have claws and it ends up scrathing her skin. She’s fearful and nervous. She will lick all the hair off her 1 back foot and ankle and isolates herself to my bedroom only.

    She’s very aware she does not have claws and will not jump up on anything. She still tries to sharpen her claws on paper. I believe she still has pain (winter worst) when she tries to sleep with me,she puts her paws under my chin and touching even the pillow she pulls back and her front feet twitch even when she’s sleeping.

    And she’s not dreaming it’s different. She would never bite me and she does use the litterbox everytime. I believe if people used soft clumping litter, cleaned it daily, declawed cats would use their boxes.

    I’ve studied cat behavior at the minimum 24 yrs.This cat is the most cuddley, loving and considerate cat I have ever known. She’s like a little kid,she reaches her arms up around my neck and hugs me. Declawing a cat is cruelty in the worst form!

    This cat is a complete Angel if owners of declawed cats tried to cater to the cats needs more. Less owners would throw them out like trash.But then again if they’d catered to their needs in the first place, NO CATS WOULD BE DECLAWED!!!

    • Thanks for the good comment, Bobbi. The vets constantly say that declawed cats don’t suffer long term harm – mental or physical. They lie.

      If you think your cat suffers pain in the paws it might be small shards of bone left behind after the declaw. Some vets specialise in fixing this. I forget where they are, though.

      I good vet who does not declaw (there aren’t many) should be able and willing to fix it.

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