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Cat Climbs Christmas Tree — 10 Comments

  1. Well, I had this going on for a little while today.
    But, it’s OK for now.
    Sticky keys, sticky keys…
    Don’t make me run you through the dishwasher!
    P.S. I have an old backup. Sometimes saving stuff pays off.

  2. And, when the predictable happens, she has the nerve to say, “Oh my god!”
    Was there anthing about that situation that WASN’T dangerous for that poor cat?

    • Hi Dee I see your keyboard is in good working order even after greedily drinking your orange juice lol
      I agree, it was totally predictable what would happen to that tree, how stupid to stand by and let it!

  3. What a stupid person to stand there videoing and laughing at the cat climbing the tree, the poor creature could have been badly hurt! Then to say ‘Oh My God!’ as if it was a surprise the whole thing toppled over!
    Give me strength when there are such idiots around 🙁

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