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Cat Cold War: Russian Versus American Cats — 9 Comments

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  2. I rescued (literally off the street) a Russian Blue and he indeed is characteristic of Jo Singer’s description. He is VERY affectionate, attentive, active (loves to run all out around the yard) and he will come running immediately when I call him, makes very weird sounds like squeaks, horns, and barely audible sounds as if he’s talking to himself, but he talks to me ALL the time. He nudges me, seeks my hand, grabs it as I walk by, rolls over and loves to be pet all over, is in my lap all the time and yes, seeks me and our household for security. He learned to wave hi in all of two attempts. He’s a great candidate for tricks but I’ve always resisted them with cats. Hard to explain. His fur is very smooth and he’s completely gray. I don’t know a lot about pedigrees but I think he is, but he was not cared for nor sought when lost. He was quite a find.

    • He is definitely quite a find as you say. He sounds like a fascinating cat. He appears to be “different”. If you know what I mean. The question is why? He could be a Russian Blue for all anyone knows. Some people do abandon pedigree purebred cats. It is strange but people are able to do strange things 😉

  3. After the second world war – when America dropped the only two nuclear weapons ever to be used on innocent civilians – perhaps one of the most brutal acts of agression in modern history – the Russian argued that the world would be a much better and safer place WITHOUT nuclear weapons BUT it was the USA which REFUSED to destroy it’s nuclear weapons and hence the nuclear arms race that followed leading to the cold war.

    History we are taught is so often propoganda. Its like saying the US won the 2nd world war – a total lie yet fact to so many.

    History is where I should keep my mouth shut on PoC 🙂

    • well at least one good thing about nz we are nuclear free, have been for 30 yrs Its prob why nz wasnt on the securty map.

  4. Hi Michael- fascinating article.

    I have lived with Russian Blues and they are the most amazing kitties- so loving- so sweet. I love their little voices and how strongly they express their affection for their guardians.

    I love their coat texture too- so soft- with that silver tipping- they are just magnficent with their deep green eyes.

    But what blew me away many many years ago, was when I was going over the pedigree of a blue-point Siamese that came to live with us-(my sweet little blue-point kitten that I cherished)- I found Russian Blues (From the CFA registration number) in the line. I imagine that is how the breeders got the “blue” color for the points.

    But these sweet little kitties under the “wrong” conditions can become really aggressive when they are frightened. Just knowing the cat and what to expect is really important.

    Thanks again for a fascinating read.

    • yea russia blues are lovely i had a freind once that had two very loving ones. great article by the way. im trying to write and jasmin trying to get on keyboard lol.

      • The Russian Blue is a very popular cat in the United States. The cat comes from a city called Archangel in the north of Russia. That any is the story. You will find, though, that all the cats that are living in archangel including the grey ones will look very little like the Russian Blue that is bred in America.

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