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Cat Collages by Kylee — 18 Comments

  1. What beautiful pictures Kylee, you are so very talented and so thoughtful too in making special pages of PoC families cats past and present.
    I hope it brings you a little bit of comfort knowing how much we care about you and are sad along with you at losing your dear Cassie.
    Only time can help with bereavements, the feeling of loss never goes away but you do learn to live with it x

    • Yea it means alot to know that people have been though similar things. Everyone here i class as my second family, my family that understands cats more than my real family. Thats how much everyone has affected my life.

  2. Cassie your pics are lovely and very clever, there’s a lot of thought gone into each one to make it individual, Walter and Jozef are very pleased with theirs and send purrs and headbutts your way. x

    • Thats so great to hear. It gives me such joy to do something for your cats. As our cats are so much part of our lives its nice to do something special for them. Ill put a couple more of Tiger and Ozzie. Love you guys

    • thanks ok michael its a joy to do that. Id like to do your cat pics too if allowed. its a joy to give back to such a wonderful community. where i feel right at home.

  3. Kylee your Collages are beautiful you are so thoughtful to do that for some of the regular contributors on PoC. I can’t tell you how pleased I am you have found comfort on here I feel the same its like a family isn’t it with Michael the Patriarch 🙂

    • Yep it sure is, give me such joy this place is the only place i feel at home. i do feel part of family here. Its great being amongest wonderful people who understand everything cats arent dont judge and have total acceptance.

    • sorry hugs. Cass be gone two months nxt week. I just love being able to send some love to my poc family. Who have helped me in more ways than i ever imagined.I just wanted to send some love. I find great inspiration doing these pages esp of the cats. Id happy to do anyones cat pics if im allowed. Its a great way to document the memories. hugs

      • Hey Kylee thanks for the pictures of my girls and especially for the one of Red – it’s very thoughtful and kind of you 🙂 I know Cassy died hardly any time ago – it must be hard getting used to it. I bet she was a very good cat. Tabby cats are so kind and affectionate in my experience, boys and girls. Often being more cuddly than say black cats. I never met Cassy but I’ll bet she was one in a million – never could you replace her. I’m sure you miss her deeply.

        • yea i sure do gonna cry now that u said that. I Miss her dearly its just not the same without her. It just feels too quiet here. Im pleased you like the pics. Its great to be able to send memories of cats its a way i guess of spreading love and apppreciation that they have given us. 🙂

        • She was one in a million, she just had that special ability she always thought, she was half human. She was always loving and affectionate and miss her coming in to see me in the morning and she often would jump up on computer and smooch in front of me.

  4. Very nice, Kylee! Elisa does scrap booking on the computer too. I have never gotten into it. I’m just not creative in that way. Your pages look great!

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