Cat comforts a sick, blind Beagle

Cat comforts sick blind beagle
Cat comforts sick blind Beagle
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We all love interspecies friendships and when you add in one helping the other because he is sick and blind you have a particularly charming little video. The dog is a Beagle. The cat looks like a pretty, white random bred cat. The Beagle sits close to his cat companion as if asking for some TLC.
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The most popular interspecies friendship is cat and human. There are millions of examples of each species helping the other. Sadly there are also many examples of one species, the human, hurting the other. It is much rarer for the cat to hurt the human and when it happens it is natural (a reaction) rather than premeditated and deliberate.

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1 thought on “Cat comforts a sick, blind Beagle”

  1. Cats are such incredible loving beings.
    They are so willing to jump in and help any animal in need, human animals included.
    Once, when I sat on my living room floor, and cried like a baby over a loss, I was bombarded with kisses , love bites, and head butts.


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