Cat cookies that are too good to eat

Are you like me? If you love cats and live with a cat or cats and had these beautiful cat cookies in your kitchen cupboard, would you be able to eat them? Looking at them as I write this, I don’t think I would unless I was starving and I had no other options. And that is not going to happen, hopefully, unless World War 3 has happened because Putin has pushed the little red button in a secret nuclear briefcase which is carried by an aid wherever he goes and which is under 24/7 supervision. I can envisage myself biting into one of these cookies and feeling as if I was biting into a real cat. Silly? Yes, but the sort of emotional response that you might expect from a cat and animal lover.

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Cute cat cookies too good to eat. Photo: Reddit user: u/Academic_Hawk2.

We don’t know whether they were made commercially or by an individual. Let’s presume for a moment that they were made by a talented individual. This person knows cats because they know a little bit (at least) about cat coats.

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For example, the cat on the top right is a calico cat. This is a tortoiseshell-and-white cat. The cat at the top is a bicolour, solid gray and white. The cat, bottom left, is an all-white cat (prone to sunburnt ears). At bottom-right is a ginger tabby cat. The tabby markings are on the tail and the forehead. The cat in the middle is also a ginger tabby cat.

In real life, you won’t see cream-coloured cats with brown muzzles and brown ears in my opinion. Well, you might just about see a cat that is something like this cookie. But it’s a bit of poetic licence. The top left cat is also a calico cat. The only cats which are not real in my view are the cream-coloured ones. Not that it makes any difference.

If they were made by an individual, the person is very talented. Because of the professional finish, it looks as if they were made commercially.

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