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Cat Cremation Urns — 5 Comments

  1. Sadly yesterday our beloved cat Mischief passed away in my arms. She was 20 years old. We do intend to keep her ashes in a suitable container when we collect her from the vets next week. We have had her individually cremated so we know the remains will be her. In life Mischief would always sit pressed close to myself when I was sat in the living room and cried when I left the room. She hated being alone and loathed going outside. Because of this we know she would want to be near us at all times. We have another 5 cats and have decided that as each passes we will have them cremated and add them to the urn. When my time comes my husband or our children will add the cats to my own ashes and we will then be scattered together so we will always be together in death as we have been in life. My cats are my babies and are throughly spoilt and very loved. Their soul is free and I feel I’m only keeping the container of their spirit. I was a funeral director and really believe the body is just somewhere the soul is contained in life and once we die the soul is free. Some may think I’m being selfish by keeping Mischief, and in the future my other girls, in an urn but I know she is happy and free. I’m sorry if I’m rambling on but I’m still grieving for Mischief, 20 years is a very long time to live with a loving companion. R.I.P Mischief.

    • Hi Claire-louise. Thanks for sharing. Love your comment. We think alike. I would like to turn your comment into an article in memory of Mischief. If you have a picture you can upload it to a comment on the same page where you made this comment. You’ll see a button below the comment box. Then with your permission I’ll create the article.

      This is another page on cat losing a cat and euthanasia.

    • Hello Michael. Here is a picture of Mischief. 17-06-1993 to 14-08-2013. I would be honoured if you published a memorial article. If you want to know anymore about her then please let me know.She was quite a character.

      • She is beautiful. A beautiful tabby. She looks like a senior cat. I like senior cats.

        What I will do, to make things easy, I’ll publish your picture and words as an article and you can then add a comment if you want to, to add some details or answer questions in comments, if there are any.

        I’ll do this tonight (GMT – London, UK time)

        Thanks for agreeing to do this. It is important.

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