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  1. thanks – you took the piss out of me – I bought the presents out of genuine kindness knowing you would be alone at Christmas – I am working 10 days over Christmas and New Year- pleased it gave you all something to laugh about – I actually have a name – it’s Michelle

    • I think it was lovely of you to buy some presents for ‘the grumpy old man’ Michele lol
      I love Christmas, it’s a way of forgetting the worlds troubles for a couple of days. I used to have to work at Christmas so really enjoy it since I retired.
      I hope you had a good one and have a happy and peaceful 2014 x

  2. Every present I received (with genuine gratitude) was to do with cats. Here is a wine glass engraved with cats. The wine tastes better you know!

      • It is nice to drink wine out of a glass that you like. It adds a little bit to the overall enjoyment. I tend to have a few nice things rather than lots of things.

        • Yes definitely, I might buy some from you, I’ve never seen them before!
          We had a lovely cat jug given, it made a nice centrepiece for our ‘table for two’ yesterday.
          We were give the wine too but it’s very sharp and dry, I’m not keen on wine to begin with, so we had a glass of beer with our dinner lol we are good old North country stock.

          • If you want a beer that’s perfection indeed,
            I’ll give you a guide to fulfilling your need,
            It’s a strong beer, it’s a bottled beer
            With the North’s biggest sale.
            For complete satisfication
            Newcastle Brown Ale
            πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
            yes it was a present too lol

              • lol Michael your dinner was very posh, we always think in London you have much fancier meals than we do. I think it stems from when nearly all the men worked down coal mines and had hearty appetites and kids were brought up on leek puddings and spotted dick and other filling stuff. We don’t normally have huge meals now, or brown ale, only at Christmas. I think our late mother would have gone veggie if there had been all the alternative food we can get now, she didn’t eat much meat.

              • There I just knew you were posh lol
                Come North and you will get shepherds pie or mince and dumplings or toad in the hole lol all made with Quorn in our house of course πŸ˜‰
                Yes we humans might as well enjoy the fuel we have to put in our tanks to survive, we are very like cats in that way, they love their food and deserve the best we can give them.
                The only thing I miss really since going veggie is fish and chips, there is nothing like walking along eating them from a bag with loads of salt and vinegar, but we can still do it with only chips πŸ™‚

            • omgoodness! Ruth! I have the same “furry purry cat” china, but mine are slender mugs with a ginger tabby on them! One travels with me everywhere I go because I love it so much. BTW, I like your table, especially with you at it. (You are beautiful!) May we join you? πŸ™‚

              • Oh Caroline thank you, you are so nice! I’d love more china with cats on and some glasses too, they would make any table look beautiful. We forgot to buy a Christmas tablecloth this year, usually have a disposable one from the Β£ shop with Santa Claus on πŸ™‚
                We’d have had such fun if you’d joined us, Babz and I had a lovely day, laughing at silly things.

          • I like that cat jug. It looks suitable for a beer. By the way, if you went on PoC this afternoon was it slow to load? If it was I am sorry. It is due the company that hosts the site. I am working on that.

            • Yes Michael my PoC was very slow and it was saying ‘time out’ to Babz when she tried to put comments on. We just put it down to all the extra people on line over the Christmas holidays. It seems fine today πŸ™‚

    • I got a cat calendar and so did Babz and then another and then another lol and we thought oh well we can even have one in the bathroom next year and then a knock at the door last night, a neighbour with guess what? lol yes a cat calendar πŸ™‚

      • My sister has the same problem. We have them all over the house. The fun part will be seeing them all on different months during the year. Mom used to have so many that we’d forget to change them all each month. One went all year stuck on January. I’m so glad you are so loved!

      • LOL. I have never heard of someone receiving some many calendars. They are convenient gifts but a person only needs one. Even one is possibly one too many because Google Calendars is very good. Or a diary. Still, it is the thought that counts.

    • Cool presents. The thing is, the person who gave it to me knows I don’t do Christmas. I shun it but she still gives me presents. Gotta admire that.

      • I have a cat cushion but I will never sit on it or put it behind me lol I have it on a bedroom chair and just look at it πŸ˜‰

        • I will be the same. The person who gave it to me makes good choices. I thought it made a nice photograph. It is almost real, for me, anyway.

          • That’s a lovely, really striking cushion, looks like you have a snuggly blanket on the back of the settee as well. I hope you had a happy day even though you don’t “do” Christmas

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