Cat Custody Dispute: Suspects charged with robbery, burglary, conspiracy, and the use of tear gas!

San Bruno, California: A dispute over the ownership of a domestic cat ended with a couple, Oleksandr Mirza and Ching Yen, allegedly unlawfully entering the home where a cat lived, pepper spraying the resident and stealing the cat. The victim is known to the 26-year-old suspects. Mirza claims ownership of the cat. Ching was his accomplice, police said. The crime took place last Saturday evening.

The cat was taken to the alleged criminals’ residence and recovered by the police unharmed. The suspects were arrested hours after the burglary. They were only interested in stealing the cat.

The police are still trying to get the bottom of ownership. Mirza seems to be saying that the arrangement was that the cat would be given back. The victim, aged 24, claims the cat as his own.

Comment: As I recall, I think this is the first case of pure aggravated burglary concerning the disputed ownership of a domestic cat that I have read about. The alleged criminals did something extreme which was likely to have serious personal consequences in order to take possession of a cat. It goes to show the importance of the family cat.

Sorry, I don’t have pictures. The story comes from SFGate and AM 1380 The Answer.

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  1. I know all of us here would be as determined to get our cat back if “stolen”, but I think age, experience and maturity affords us better options than strong-arming. If my cat were in immediate danger though, I’m sure I’d employ immediate means to rescue him, and I wouldn’t rule anything out. One needs proof of ownership. On THAT note, a neighbor of mine has a $3,000 Bengal cat WITHOUT a chip in her. She’s spayed, but that wouldn’t prevent kidnapping. I know, I know, I tried to reason with them. They routinely take her out for walks too (on a leash and harness, but she can get out of it).


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