Cat dad takes girlfriend back to his pad

When you find out he’s a catdad…

Cat dad
Cat dad takes girlfriend back to his pad
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Barbara found this for me. I am surprised that I had not bumped into it before now. I shouldn’t think that this happens a lot. I don’t mean exactly like this because this is a fiction but there will be some men who live with several cats and the moment may arrive when the girlfriend has to meet them. The response will be dependent on the woman, of course, but might there be a typical response?

I’ll hazard a guess and say that the average woman might think that a single man with many cats is a bit peculiar. They’d be wrong of course but people tend to place others into pigeon holes, we stereotype and don’t allow people with idiosyncratic characters to be themselves without difficulties.

Cat Dad

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Posted by Bad Cat on Tuesday, January 15, 2019

There are a lot of cat men. People who are not part of the cat world stereotypically believe that it’s more or less single women who live with domestic cats and if a man has a pet it’ll be a dog but this is not true. My reading of the situation is that many women like men who like cats. I’ll guess why. It’s probably because a lot of women nowadays like men to be sensitive and animal loving. These are good characteristics which support the likelihood of a relationship enduring for many years. This is good for any kids who are created as a result of the relationship. Women will instinctively like that.

What do you think? Remember these are my personal thoughts and not fact. We are all entitled to our own viewpoints.

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2 thoughts on “Cat dad takes girlfriend back to his pad”

  1. I have a respect for a man who is not afraid to show his love for his cat or cats. I think it is fantastic!! My mate has no issue showing his love for our daughter and she has him wrapped around her paws big time!! The more the merrier!

  2. That cat man will always have the edge and be a likely ‘keeper’ in my view.

    It’s proved true for me. I’ve never stepped out with any man who didn’t like or have cats.


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