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Cat Declaw Breaks The Crimimal Law — 5 Comments

  1. All decent people DO hate declawing! Vets hide details of declawing, so decent people don’t know what it is, what it does, how much the pet owner will have to suffer along with his pet, especially the paw pain using the litter box, refusing to use the litter box.
    That is a KEY motivational detail for people who are not getting it: Imagine your cat, leaving feces and strong smelling urine all over your house, not in the litter box. For intellectual, non-feeling types of humans, this KEY motivational detail can spare some cats’ lifetime of suffering.
    Power Differential: remember, the Veterinarian is perceived as “the authority”, which he exploits by profiting from declawing, ignoring the obvious signs that what he is doing is wrong, he knows it is wrong. However, the actual authority lies with the pet owner, who can easily refuse the declawing, even insist that the vet stop declawing. One voice makes all the difference: Speak UP people, cats can’t say it loud enough for some vets, but YOU can.
    That’s good news for cats, because one an individual pet owner “gets it” she will be advising other pet owners to see the movie “the paw project”. She will advise her community on this most inhumane practice. She will refuse to have her cat declawed. She will ask her vet to stop declawing.

  2. “The Paw Project” movie shows exactly what declawing really is. The paw project is an organization which has volunteer opportunities to help ban declawing. That means it would be illegal to declaw, New York is up next, but legislation is slow.
    Don’t declaw, tell 5 friends, or 1, or 100. If people knew what declawing is BEFORE going to get kittens spayed and neutered, they would be refusing declawing, every single time.
    The vet will lie about what declawing really means for the cats, making money off every declawing, let’s face it, people, every vet has bills to pay. But, that kitten will suffer a lifetime, but a shorter lifetime, because of that half hour declawing procedure.
    Stop declawing now.

  3. As well as breaking laws against animal abuse, let’s not forget that the fact that so many vets don’t disclose just what declawing involves goes against those forbidding the knowingly providing goods and services which are not as described!

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