Cat Declawing Banned In Denver

A proposal to ban cat declawing passed in Denver’s city council Monday night resulting in the 9th city in the USA to ban declawing. All the other cities are in ‘progressive’ California. There are no statewide bans to declawing as yet although it has been debated in council in NY state for example.

This is wonderful news for all of us who see declawing cats as what it is: barbaric mutilation at the whim and desire of the cat’s owner but for no medical reason that is beneficial to the cat. In fact it damages the cat quite awfully.

The decision by council members was unanimous (11-0). Wonderful. Denver City Council announced the ban on Twitter.

From now on in Denver the only way a veterinarian can declaw a domestic cat if it is for genuine medical reasons to the benefit of the cat. This will be rare.

Cat Declawing Banned In Denver

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We will see if it affects cat ownership and shelter numbers in Denver. Some will say that cat owners will simply travel out of the city to find a willing vet elsewhere. If they do I hope that vet refuses. He or she must refuse on moral grounds.

The other eight cities to have banned declawing are: West Hollywood (2003), Santa Monica (27th Oct 2009), San Francisco (3rd Nov 2009), Beverly Hills (5th Nov 2009), Los Angeles (6th Nov 2009), Berkeley (10th Nov 2009), Culver City (24th Nov 2009) and Burbank (8th Dec 2009).

Source: for the ban news. The rest is mine (Michael at PoC).

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  1. The International Coalition Against Declawing are delighted this bill has passed. Now we need more cities to follow their example and hopefully one day declawing will be history in the USA and Canada as it is in the rest of the civilised world.


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