Cat defends himself and is put down to test for rabies

This is madness. It makes me mad. This woman apparently took in this stray cat, a tabby and white. She called him “Buddy”. She decided that Buddy wanted to attack her dog so she kicked snow at the cat – you can see it the video. This provoked and wound up Buddy who, unsurprisingly, counter attacked. He attacked her; he retaliated, which is to be expected. Whose fault was it?

And frankly, I am massively impressed by Buddy’s attack. Awesome and courageous. Sadly, his courage cost him his life. Someone thought he might have rabies! Who the hell decided that? Animal control people who are described as “Sanilac County officials”. Anyone with a grain of common sense could tell that the cat attack was due to provocation and not unprovoked.

Anyway, to test for rabies in you have to kill the cat first. Buddy was killed. Over and out – end of story. An example of combined human madness. Humans created the problem that lead to Buddy being killed by humans.

The woman says she likes cats and wants to save another. She said she had saved Buddy from someone who wanted to have him put to sleep. She didn’t do a very good job did she?

People are divided over this story. For my part, as stated, this is human folly and idiocy. The cat should have been left alone. The woman got what she deserved. For others, it was right to euthanize the cat. The video description on YouTube is: Viewer Video: Cat attacks woman in the snow. That implies the cat is a bad animal. In my opinion, that is totally misconstruing the situation and is unfair to the cat and cats generally. The video should be described as “Viewer Video: Cat defends himself from human abuse“. Or something like that.

My thanks to Riverside Robyn for showing me this video. It made me mad…

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  1. I have to also believe that this woman got exactly what was coming to her. The cat ran up to the fence because it was begging for love acceptance and food. He or she wished to be cared for and pampered over the same way she cared for the dog-who was watching the entire episode and seemed to be encouraged by the owner to not like the poor cat. I also feel that this cat was demanding because someone did love it during it’s life and then put it out or it was left due to a move?
    The woman got what she deserved_The cat did not.

  2. This is a link to the story from the Detroit news site. Attack apparently happened in Detroit –

    I believe it’s just a case of displaced aggression where the cat attacked the person instead of the dog. It’s not uncommon cat behaviour and they should not be killed because of it. That’s idiotic. From a policy perspective, it’s also a waste of taxpayers’ money, just like all the other unnecessary killing by animal control.

    Where I live in Ontario, cats and dogs are not removed from their home if they bite someone, unless the owner requests it. Pet owners are just told to quarantine the animal for about two weeks if they don’t have proof of rabies vaccination. If the animal is a stray, they would be quarantined at the pound I believe.

    The local TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) group microchips community cats after they’re spayed or neutered and vaccinated. This prevented a member of the public from requiring the rabies series of shots after they look one of the community cats into their home and he bit them; the cat was scanned and the microchip showed he was vaccinated.

    Rabies is practically eradicated from the province of Ontario but pets are still required to be vaccinated. A systematic wildlife rabies vaccination program via medicated baits by the government has been reducing infection rates for several years here. The huge decline in the bat population due to white nose disease is believed to be contributing to the decline in rabies as well. Even if it’s eradicated here, reintroduction of rabies from animals in the USA migrating into the province is still possible.

    • Thanks Christine – excellent comment, very instructional. You should become a PoC author. I pay, you know.

      Any right-thinking individual will see the stupidity of what happened. The cat just happened to be the victim. Just bad luck. Completely unnecessary to kill this cat, who I admire. Courageous. Anyway he is in a better place.

  3. I’m so sad to find out the end of this story, I’d seen the video on Facebook and remarked that it served her right that the cat attacked her for the way she was kicking snow at it, I didn’t know it was her cat and of course now I know the cat was killed, how awful, what a misguided self opinionated, ignorant waste of space that woman is, she shouldn’t be allowed to be in charge of any animal let alone allowed to “rescue” them.


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