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Cat Dementia — 10 Comments

    • Thank you, Karen the showing me your cat. She looks beautiful and actually looks quite well. She’s a beautiful tabby and white with a fantastic symmetrical pattern on her face.

  1. My 19 year old female stopped grooming along time ago. I comb and wash her and she hates it. She’s on different meds but seems okay for now. As long as she’s eating drinking and using the litter, I don’t worry.Though she seems to stare at things for a long while I’ve noticed.

    • Hi Karen. My old lady cat did the same really. Elderly cats with dementia need help. Towards the end my cat simply lay down outside on the lawn and slept. It’s still upsets me to think about it.

  2. My cat 16 +? years old is on steroids for IBS and gingivitis. He recently lost his hearing too. Without the steroids he would stop eating. Dementia has kicked in and his restlessness, day and night, is very upsetting to watch. He is living on borrowed time, but is it kind to keep him going when he is so unsettled (otherwise sleeping) or is it kinder to pts due to the unsettled state?

    • What makes him unsettled? Steroids are not prescribed gum disease (gingivitis) as far as I know. Anyway, it doesn’t really matter. The key is to do what you believe is right for your cat and not what is right for you. If you can think objectively about it you’ll find the answer. This is the biggest cat decision one makes and the toughest. I wrote a page on it:


      It may or may not help. It is a very personal decision. People who are connected to their cat usually know when the time has come but may delay because they are not sure. If he is distressed and the quality of his life is poor because of age and health it may be best to say goodbye. Good luck. Thanks for asking.

  3. I have a 13 year old kitty named Peenut Bunnee. She’s a little bitty thing; never has been very big. I feed all my cats California Naturals (my vet says it’s a very good food), they get plenty of stimulation and love. Peenut, I’m pretty sure, has dementia. At feeding times, she will walk away as though I haven’t called her. She will eat if I pick her up and put her in front of her food dish. She will cry and howl if she’s in a room where we are not. She will stop if I call her; it’s as though she’s lost and doesn’t know where we are. Her little box habits are OK for now. We will give her all the love and scritches she can handle for the rest of her life.

    • These are the signs of feline dementia. My cat Binnie had it. She yowled at night indicating confusion. She was calling me, essentially, and I would go to her. You can tell when a cat has dementia, I think. They act confused and the usual patterns of behavior are lost. The cat becomes a bit aimless and sleeps more etc. Obviously, there are varying degrees of it and cats can still function OK with dementia. It just requires a bit more input from the caretaker.

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