Cat detects when his sleeping owner’s blood sugar is low and wakes her

Walter and Hazel.
Hazel and Walter. Photo: Cats Protection/SWNS.COM
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“The National Cat Awards is a wonderful celebration of everything we love about cats. In particular it shines a spotlight on the incredible bond that can exist between pets and owners.”

– Calum Macrae, Regional Director UK & Ireland at Purina.

Walter, a 9-year-old black cat, is a contender for the Cats Protection Hero Award. He has the uncanny ability to wake up his diabetic owner, Hazel Parkyn, when she is asleep if she is suffering from a hypoglycaemic attack. This is a serious medical emergency.

Walter is untrained for the role but Hazel believes that he may have saved her life many times.

“Walter really is a remarkable cat. When my blood sugar runs low it can be very serious, especially if I’m asleep as I may not be able to wake up. Yet Walter can sense when this is about to happen and will repeatedly pat me on the face until I wake. He won’t stop until I’ve woken, he really is very persistent. He’ll then sit with me while I get my sugar levels back to normal.”

Walter. Photo:Cats Protection/SWNS.COM

Cats Protection is the UK’s largest cat charity. The awards are sponsored by Purina. It is an annual award celebrating the the loyalty and ‘heroism’ of our feline friends.

The winner can go on to win the National Cat of the Year. A previous winner is Theo who detected a blood clot in his owner Charlotte Dixon.

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