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Cat diabetes – home treatment – first hand experience — 7 Comments

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  4. I was wondering if it’s the fact that you have diabetes that makes you overweight/ obese or if just being overweight increases your chance to be diabetic which is why most diabetics are fat. So my question is is it diabetes that causes obesity or obesity that cause diabetes or both?

    • I think the jury is our on that question but it is probably a bit of both and for cats it appears that the if a cat is diabetic and obese the cause is likely to be overfeeding of dry (high carbohydrate) cat food.

  5. Type 2 diabetes would almost vanish from the scene if people would stop feeding their cats dry kibble loaded with cheap fillers which are carbohydrates/sugars.

    • Thank you Carol for a comment that I completely agree with. We need to get cat caretakers to be more aware of the downsides of dry cat food. It appears that the manufacturers are not concerned.

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