by Michael S
(Orlando, FL, US)

Please help with any advice possible on cat diarrhea. I have a one year Persian, who since I bought him, has had loose stools. At first, I thought it could be due to the antibiotics prescribed for his raspy breathing. But then, as he was weened from the antibiotics it has continued. The vet has tried numerous medicines, both in pill and liquid forms, and changing his food throughout the months. Nothing helps. He still has the soft stool and tracks it through the house, which is not very enjoyable at 6am in the morning. The only other option the vet is giving me is blood tests and at quite an expense.

I have contacted the breeder, who claims she never had that problem with him and he was given a clean bill of health before I got him. Some days I really wonder about that.

Any other suggestions?

Thank you.

Hi Michael: Thanks for sharing your cat’s problems with cat diarrhea. These things came to mind. Persians have a higher incidence of genetic diseases than other purebred cats (other than the Siamese). I have checked genetic diseases associated with the Persian and nothing cross checks with cat diarrhea except a severe disease called Mannaosidisis, which wouldn’t apply. However general conditions such as a suppressed immune system, which can result in other illnesses can be the result of inbreeding in purebred cats.

I have read that Persians are particularly sensitive to litter trays and litter. They do have a higher incidence of misuse of litter. Cats generally are sensitive to litter use. I will presume the litter tray is in perfect condition and the litter dealt with on a daily basis at least. In fact it may be wise to have two litter trays one for each function! Both should be kept very clean (cleaned after use) and disinfected once a week. The fact that your cat goes to the toilet outside the litter box indicates severe diarrhea (uncontrolled) or an aversion in going in the litter box or both. My gut feel is that this may be the problem area.

Persians are known to have sensitive stomachs. I don’t know if your vet has prescribed hypoallergenic cat food. Some people say that a Persian should only be fed “single protein food” i.e. a food with one type of protein such as chicken and not a mix. Also the food should not be exclusively dry. On the subject of cat food and as a last resort and if you have time Homemade Cat Food may assist.

I have a page on the site which discusses the treatment of cat diarrhea: Treating Cat Diarrhea. It also looks at possible causes of cat diarrhea. It may help. I would advise reading the page.

Clearly trying to advise on the cat diarrhea of your cat after a vet has failed to find a cure is difficult. I would hope a vet reads this and leaves a comment or an experienced Persian breeder. Good luck to you and your Persian cat.

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Nov 03, 2010 diarrhoea in Persian kittens
by: Anonymous

Hi there,

I had a similar problem with my Persian kitten, loose stools ever since he was a kitten but eating well and in good form. I am a vet and I found out that he had an infection called Tritrichomonas foetus which causes large diarrhoea and that doesm’t respond to any medication apart from something called ronidazole. This worked very well for my cat who is now perfect. Collect a fresh sample of faeces from your cat and submit it for Tritrichomonas foetus PCR test. I bet it will be positive.

Good luck!

Aug 17, 2010 persians are the best!
by: laura b

I have owned and loved persians for so many yrs!
I’ve just discovered that they should NOT have corn/wheat in their diet!
I got a very high quality flat faced black male from a family who just couldn’t DEAL with his diarrhea and hair mats. I’ve been caring for him for 5 yrs and finally found a cure!
He’s a different cat now – no more matts, no more gunky eyes, no more loose stools.
He was raised on Purina ONE and after trying just about every other food on the mkt, I found Chicken Soup for Cats. This is the secret for HIM.
Give it a try – it can’t hurt!

Nov 03, 2009 Imodium does help!
by: Anonymous

My vet suggested Imodium and it DOES work!….1/4 a tablet for three days is what he said. It was the only thing that helped my 15 year old. Right now I’m having issues with my 1 year old persian so I gave her a dose tonight…hope it helps by tomorrow!

Aug 19, 2009 Homemade cat food
by: Anonymous

Our Norwegian forest cat had the same problem for months – I know how distressing it is especially with a long haired cat. Tried all sorts of supplements, prescription diets etc. without success. Problem was solved within 36 hours of changing to homemade cat food (raw meat and liver mixed with “Feline Future” powder supplement).

Amazing results, cat thrived from then on. Has also worked for another cat who we met through a cattery. I would advise starting immediately without waiting for supplement to arrive. Try raw chicken and liver 9:1 ratio – blitz it up in a blender or chop quite finely and add some water before serving. Don’t use pork! Hope your cat gets better. If you have a blender then making this stuff is no hassle at all and not much more expensive than poor quality cat food.

May 10, 2009 Response to last comment
by: Anonymous

Hi Lea, Thanks a lot for taking the time to share your experience. Maybe the person making the original article will pick this up and give it a try. Never heard of it but it worked.

May 10, 2009 Cat Diarrhea — Michael S
by: Anonymous

Michael S:

Some years back I adopted twin orphaned kittens. Both had explosive diarrhea, no matter what I fed them…including KMR (Kitten Milk Replacement).

I did not ever feed them milk nor any other dairy product since I knew that cats and cows’ milk do not mix well.
I made sure their food and water dishes, not to mention the two sand boxes, one for each, no waiting, were very clean daily at least once and more often two or three times.

The Vet, snarlbite, sold me several sure fire “This stuff will fix them right up; don’t worry, they’ll eat it. Just put it on their food.”
Seems she didn’t hear me the several times I told her they weren’t eating.

Well dang would you eat if everything you tried wouldn’t stay down or in? My kittens wouldn’t either.

I told The Vet I was done paying her for non-working remedies and that the kittens would be given Imodium, one-fourth of a tablet per kitten every fourth day.
She forbade me to do that. I’m serious. “You are NOT to give them Imodium.” As if her ideas had worked out so well, eh?

I gave each kitty face one-fourth of a tablet each four days. It took precisely two dosings per kitten to clear up the problem.
I also syringed pure water into their mouths each few hours, since diarrhea dehydrates any animals’ system like you wouldn’t believe.

And they ate like there was no tomorrow, which if I’d followed the edicts of The Vet, for those kittens there truly might not have been a tomorrow.

Just something to consider.


Michael Broad

Hi, I'm a 71-year-old retired solicitor (attorney in the US). Before qualifying I worked in many jobs including professional photography. I have a girlfriend, Michelle. I love nature, cats and all animals. I am concerned about their welfare.

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  • I have an 11 year old Burmese and notice lately slight droppings on the tile. I want to change the cat litter, as that may not be the best for him, hard to find a good one. I started using baking soda with the litter instead of store bought stuff, in case that was bothering him. He does have a slight kidney disease problem but eats a lot, is very playful, seems healthy. Thank you. Joan

    • Hi Joan, Good idea to change the litter. I presume his stool is not normal; diarrhoea? If it is and if it is persistent his health should be checked. That is obvious I guess. Thanks for sharing.

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