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Feb 21, 2011
digestive system is more than anatomy
by: Anna

Hi, Michael:
I watched the video, thank you. Anatomy seems very much like human’s. I would be more interested, though, in finding out more about the digestive enzymes cats posses as compared to humans, symbiontic bacteria (if any) residing in their gut, acidity (ph) of their stomach as compared to other animals, and other facts that would allow us, the caretakers, to evaluate cat food products and make educated decisions on their diet.

There are many questions about,say, why do cats eat grass, is only to help with hairballs, or they need vitamins and other essential nutrients?
If they are carnivores, why do we read “wheat and corn meal” in some foods composition?
What is it about cat nip grass, any relation to digestion at all, or nervous and endocrine systems only? Any books you could recommend on the subject?
Thank you so much.

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