Cat doesn’t notice that glass table top is missing (video)

This amusing and cute video is well publicised on the internet and started on The owner removed the glass table top for cleaning. The cat cannot see the difference between glass and no-glass. For me this is interesting. You’d think he/she’d notice. However, when you think about it, it does mirror human behavior. I go to a gym which has a sliding glass door.

Cat does not notice glass table top is missing

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On two occasions last year a few days apart, a child and an adult walked into the door and broke the glass. The child you can accept. The adult is a regular user of the gym. She was distracted; perhaps using her mobile phone and turned or she thought the door was open or further away. But people do walk into glass doors and it’s not uncommon except that in this example it has happened in reverse.

Rather than thinking there is no glass the cat believes there is glass. There may be two reasons for the cat’s mistake: (1) a cat’s eyesight in terms of sharpness is not great – cats are more attuned to movement and (2) habit – cats are very much creatures of habit and routines. No doubt she spent many hours on the computer table top with her human companion and assumed the top was still there.

The fact that she jumps through the hole does not in any way perturb her. She carries on exploring the space. The change to her routine and environment interested and stimulated her.

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Useful tag. Click to see the articles: Cat behavior

1 thought on “Cat doesn’t notice that glass table top is missing (video)”

  1. VERY amusing! And nice observation that she took it in stride as a learning experience, perhaps a little amused by it as well.

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