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Cat Drinks From Mayor’s Mug During Filmed Interview — 2 Comments

  1. I don’t see the exhaling as an intentional action to shoo the cat. It seems that the Mayor was just preparing to chuckle, as I do all of the time. Sniffing and face dives into whatever I have prepared for myself is a way of life here. It doesn’t bother me at all either.

  2. Something happened here that I’ve noticed with cats: when we express amusement by exhaling through our nose (an understated laugh), I think it sounds like a hiss to cats and they react as this one did. Also it can happen when they are close to our face and they feel the air blow. Both action and reaction are unfortunate. The cat misunderstands and bolts like this one did. I’ve made a conscious effort to not do this, and instead when I feel it coming on, I do a low chuckle instead which they seem to understand better. I also try to aim my nose away from them so they don’t feel the air blow.

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