Cat Drooling and Dementia

Cat Drooling and Dementia

After having read your symptoms of cat disorders, I do believe my cat has hyperthyroidism. Plus on top of it she drools alot.

After she came home from the veterinary hospital, she spent 3 days there, they gave her alot of medecine for reasons I don’t know of. She immediately lost weight, she weighed twelve pounds. Now she weighs about one pound.

I never knew what was wrong with her until now. She’s over 16 years old. And showing signs of dementia. Since her condition has been untreated this long, 2 years, this hyperthy-can gradually decay the senses and ultimately cause dementia, I believe.

Now I know what it is, I’m not sure if its too late to do anything for her.

What is your suggestion?

Hi Keith…your email indicates that your name is Keith…thanks for visiting and asking. I am sorry to hear about your cat’s health.

I think your assessment of weight is too low at one pound. But weight has been lost.

I am frankly surprised that you have not been given chapter and verse as to what is wrong with your cat by the veterinarian as your cat was at the veterinary hospital for three days.

I can’t say anything about the hyperthyroidism as I have no symptoms other than dementia and drooling neither of which, on the face of it, are associated with feline hyperthyroidism. The symptoms of hyperthyroidism are:

-pacing up and down
-excessive hunger and thirst
-weight loss
-increased volume of feces

I mention these as you can now make a layperson’s self diagnosis but there is not substitute for a good vet, who you should contact!

Cat drooling in this instance may be due to the drugs and/or dementia.

The obvious course of action would be to telephone the veterinarian and ask what drugs were administered and why. And then what condition your cat is suffering from.

16 years of age is old but not that old for modern day cats. My cat is 18 and very mentally active. So I am not sure that your cat has dementia.

The only way is ask your vet, I am afraid. Perhaps other visitors can provide better advice.


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Cat Drooling and Dementia

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Jun 30, 2010 P.S.
by: Michael

Cat drooling can be caused by a sore mouth, one that has gum disease etc. This obviously causes a loss of appetite as it is painful to eat, which in turn means weight loss.

I presume that your cat has reasonably health teeth and gums as you have not mentioned this and it would have come to light when at the vets.

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