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Cat dumped in London may be the oldest cat in the country at 27 years old — 11 Comments

  1. Sure Michael. However, what little there is is mostly bad news, but I’ll follow with how she’s doing. Only a first exam and some tests have been performed so far. She has a mass on her abdomen the size of her head. The vet is sure it’s cancerous but don’t know yet. It is on rather than in, but likely the ribs are now involved so probably not operable. She could barely walk. Whoever let her get to this point is just criminal. No excuse as she is completely docile and friendly. Her blood test is near critical. High whites, low reds, everything is red-zoned. No leukemia or feline aids. One thing at a time we’re addressing infection and general health, and after one day she’s perked up a lot and almost (almost) has a spring in her step. Responding to the anti-biotic and special food well, she’s mostly very grateful. Next would be a biopsy and ultra-sound, which I can’t afford. The neighbors where I found her are all playing ignorant and careless. She’s a much better person than they. She’s also fitting in with my other cats already. Just a treasure. I have to visit nearby vets to ask if they’ve seen or remember her. If someone misses her that’s one thing, but if they gave up that’s another. I’ve seen no flyers and I’ll have to go through various “lost” lists. I’ll get back. Thanks for the interest!

    • Bless you, Albert.
      I’m so happy that, maybe, her last days will be with you. I can’t say enough about idiots who may know her, turn a blind eye, and won’t take any responsibility.

      Do you really need a firm diagnosis of cancer by biopsy and ultrasound? Would you treat her any differently based on that? I wouldn’t. I go by gut and knowing if any cat may be suffering.

      She sounds to be rebounding and even happy to be safe and cared for by you.

      Thank you for such compassion.

  2. Here she is. I call her Aubrey, and in 27 days she’ll be legally mine and I’ll register her chip with me… if she’s still alive.

    • Wow, Albert. She’s gorgeous. Can you tell me some more about Aubrey? I may have missed a previous post of yours on this. I’d love to know more.

  3. I can’t believe I have a similar story to tell, and it’s not over. I just took in a stray who’s microchip number is at least 15 years old, but I have a feeling this cat may be 20 years old or more. Also the chip was never registered by the owner, making this investigation difficult if not impossible. This poor girl is incredibly sweet but in dire straights health-wise. I won’t go into those details save to say I’m doing all I can for her. I’ll update on any progress, and when I fix the computer with pics of her I’ll post one.

  4. Good story. I love elderly cats 🙂

    There is an interesting story in the paper today about the failure of pet owners to update microchips.

  5. “Best of luck in your new life, Banjo. If only you could tell us your story.” – Indeed! And how anyone could just dump a cat without a little due diligence, a little investigating as to his status. The first thing to look for is a microchip. My first thought was about the technology (if there was difficulty actually reading such an old chip based on the variety). But it’s here in the states that it’s been an issue – whereas the UK has adhered to the international standard. However, ISO compliant only goes back to the late ’90s, so it’s still impressive that a record was still in the database. Who would expect a cat or dog to live to three times the average live-span? Further still, has there been more than one owner? Wouldn’t that have come up or been adjusted in all that time? I just wonder about Banjo’s whole story. Priceless cat!

  6. Oh how lovely!! I’m so happy for Banjo that he will get to live out his remaining days in a loving home! Shame on the folks who *dumped* him as seniors do rock — I have several out of my clan of 12. . . ♥♥♥

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