Cat dyed pink for a ‘pretty in pink’ party dies

Cat dyed pink for a party. He died later.
Cat dyed pink for a party. He died later.
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The cat’s owner, Lena Lenina, held a party and the theme was pink. The guests turned up in pink. She wanted to make her cat a feature and dyed him pink. We don’t know what sort of dye was used. Lenina claims that her vet told her that dying the cat pink had beneficial properties for the cat. Laughable or sick?

The cat was paraded around the party and wanted desperately to get out, which is normal behavior for any cat in a room full of strange people, never mind one that has been painted pink.

We understand that the dye used must have been toxic and perhaps permanent. It seems the she left the dye on the cat long after the party and all the media hype had settled down.

lady who dyed he cat pink

A vet has examined the cat and decided he died from ingesting a toxic substance. Naturally, her cat would have spent many hours trying to lick the pink dye off his coat.

So Lenina poisoned her cat for the sake of a stupid party. It is about as callous, selfish and thoughtless as it gets.

Despite the media attention there has no attention by the police. It should be properly investigated and if the story proves true she should be charged under the relevant animal welfare laws.

It is not clear in which country this took place. It looks like Russia. A petition is trying to force the hand of authorities to take action against the woman. So far there has been no response. I’d be surprised if there was.

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