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Cat dyed pink for a ‘pretty in pink’ party dies — 15 Comments

  1. It’s always impossible for me to understand how any adult human, who isn’t mentally ill, would think this sort of thing wouldn’t kill a cat.
    I don’t believe, for a second, that a vet told her what she claimed. And, that a hair dresser did the dye job (thanks, Michele), adds another idiot into the mix.
    What really makes me mad is that this poor kitten was FOUND dead a few months afterward. I’ve seen quite a few cats that have been poisoned. They suffer terribly and, whether the toxin kills them short term or longer term, there are obvious signs of illness.
    And, from what I’ve read, Ms. Lenina handed the kitten over to a new owner shortly after the party.
    Ms. Lenina is one stupid, coldhearted witch who poisoned her kitten for hype then dumped the poor poisoned baby on someone elde.

    • I believe Lenina simply did not care whether the cat died or lived or was in pain or not. It was irrelevant to her. She treated the cat as a ‘mobile pink plush toy’ to decorate her bloody silly party.

  2. It is indeed a Russian news story.

    According to other news sites, not only is she claiming that the vet told her the dye was beneficial to the cat’s health (pink being a healing colour), but that the kitten was dyed by a hairdresser. Bascially, she’s trying to lay the blame on anyone but herself.

    I don’t hold out much hope that the Russian authorities will take action against Ms Lenina, but I do hope that the vet she’s blaming will threaten legal action against her for defamation of character or slander.

    • Your suggestion in the last para is nice one. More likely to happen than a criminal prosecution except for the fact that pursuing a claim for defamation is fraught with problems and expense. If she has some money it might be a good idea. She appears though to have kept him/her anonymous.

      She must living ‘in the clouds’ to believe that a color can help heal a cat especially when it is painted on to the cat. ‘Barking mad’ as Steven Allen, the LBC presenter would say.

  3. FYI WARNING About the pink Kitten_cats smell sensories are also-10-Times stronger than humans which caused upper respiratory failure and “Blindness” is another horrible after effect caused from the toxins in hair dyes.

  4. Stupid, stupid, stupid people…God “must” love them..he made so many of them. This is as bad as those who tattoo their pets with useless crap that NO ANIMAL…can consent to! Sometimes… I’d just LOVE to slap the life right out of people. Irresponsible, stupid, reckless people. Did I also mention…. S T U P I D??!!!

  5. Cruel, ignorant, idiotic woman, that poor cat died because of her need to show him off coloured pink, she deserves to be punished and I hope she is.

      • That’s a pity! It was there when I posted the link and quite a lot of signatures on. Yes she will likely get away with it by pleading ignorance. Well I just hope there are some people local to her who will deal out their own sort of justice for that poor cat. She wouldn’t be pink if I got hold of her, she’d be black and blue!!!!

  6. I feel extremely sorry for the poor kitten. Any woman who uses dye on their own hair knows how toxic it is and how it literally burns the skin. Even humans wash it out of their hair as soon as 15 to 30 minutes.
    I can’t imagine what this kitten endured for hours and hours until it died from the poison-which must have been 10 times stronger than regular dyes to turn the poor thing so pink. A cats coat has a layer of protection which she destroyed. Even if it did not succumb , the smell and taste would have been unbearable and eventually neurological damage and heart failure. It seems that it did this anyway. I am angry at this witch. She should not go unpunished.
    I bet she could have purchased a pink stuffed toy for a few dollars and tied it around her neck.

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