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Cat Ear Anatomy – Henry’s Pocket – Why it Exists — 18 Comments

  1. Further observations on cat’s hearing. Last year I was adopted by an older Russian Blue stray who tested positive for FIV. A few months after becoming an inside cat he lost his sight. He was able to get along very well after learning the geography of the house but even changing things did not phase him. He just went slower around the new objects. To encourage him to play I used a willow twig and would tap it on the floor in front of him. He totally ignored it if it was too far away but get within reach and he was able to locate it and, with one sweep of his paw, convey it directly to his mouth. I’m convinced that, given a large enough mouse population he could have survived outside. Unfortunately he left last week to be met later at the Rainbow Bridge where I’m sure he’s currently impressing the others with his skills.

  2. I came to the same conclusion independently starting about a year ago. I am convinced the “pouch”detects and directs sounds we cannot hear.

    • Thanks for agreeing. I decided upon this theory without any input from any source so it is nice to hear from you. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  3. Yea amazing it be true i would say. I’m amazed how a cat or kitten can be dead asleep and as soon as can opener or cat biscuits etc and hes or shes there. Yes i reackon the same about Radors.

  4. Amazing! I’ve often wondered about that little pouch 🙂 Its fascinating isn’t it? I always think cats ears are like little radars the way they move about, prick up and twitch! They are so sensitive.

  5. Fascinating! I’m always amazed at how a cat can hear a mouse long before it can even be seen. We’ve seen both Walter and Jozef suddenly alert, run down the garden through the little tunnel to the other side of the fence and return moments later with the mouse which was taken by surprise in the undergrowth of the trees.
    It could well be ‘Henry’s pocket’ picking up the sound.
    Cats are amazing!

      • It’s strange how they accept the sounds of Nature too, dogs barking and whining don’t seem to bother them at all, yet they drive us mad. Loud music too, the boom boom type, cats just sleep through it while we are wide awake and irritated. It’s as if cats are attuned to only what they want and need to hear, when they know they are in a safe place.

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