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  1. Are you promoting the eating of wildlife by cats? Have you gone mad? Do you know what diseases are present in these animals that are zoonotic? Keep your cat indoors. Quality cat foods will ensure a healthy life which is part of the reason indoor cats outlive outdoor cats.

    • I am not promoting anything. I have not gone mad. I am very sane, thanks. The domestic cat does carry a few zoonotic diseases such as toxoplasmosis, ringworm and cat scratch fever. But then again the human is far more dangerous to other humans in many ways including carrying nasty diseases which he passes on to others. I think we should keep all humans indoors at all times, don’t you?

      • Your previous articles not only seek to indemnify the problems caused by roaming (and feral) cats but your belief that your own cat doesn’t kill is misguided.
        There is, despite your claims, a preponderance of evidence that domestic cats not only have a severely deleterious effect on native species by hunting, but that their spread of Tg has reached a nearly critical level. Many countries have been forced to take extremely unfortunate measures in order to prevent more extinctions from occurring than cats have already caused.
        Cat belong in the home or in a confined space where they cannot kill. Trying to force a strawman argument is not an effective defense.
        Toxoplasmosis is now present in more than half the white tailed deer in Ohio. Toxoplasmosis recently wiped out the entire population of marsupials at the Virgina Zoo. There are now repeated studies confirming the initial findings of Dr. Flegr et al that toxoplasmosis in humans has a strong correlation to human mental illness, birth defects and to spontaneous miscarriages in livestock.
        It should be the goal of all pet owners, no matter what animal, to ensure they are contained for not only the safety of wildlife, but their safety as well. I would hope you would take a stronger stance against allowing free roaming cats. It is the responsible thing to do.

        • your belief that your own cat doesn’t kill is misguided.

          Sorry Rick you are incorrect. My previous cat didn’t kill anything. He had three legs. And my current cat is indoors and goes out on a leash. Be careful when you make assumptions.

          There are many estimates on cat predation and they are all estimates. And wildly incorrect often. Often they are prepared by biased scientists or ornithologists or scientists with an axe to grind and guided by politicians. Don’t trust estimated figures.

          Half of humans carry toxoplasmosis. They got it from raw meat. How did the deer get it? There is no hard science on toxo causing mental illness in people. Produce it and make sure the person is not biased. You are very biased Rick. All my statements are based on hard facts and are as objective as I can make them.

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