Cat Eats Feotus


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A little story where cat and human behavior intersects.

Both behaviors say something about the respective animal – felis silvestris catus and homo sapiens.

A 20 year old medical student, Bedi, had been assigned to the night shift on the obstetrics ward in a Delhi hospital, the place where pregnant women give birth and where doctors and nurses are trained to bring lives into the world safely.

Bedi wanted to do good. He saw a cat scuttling around the ward with the bloody remains of a five month old feotus in his mouth. Bedi looked around and saw discarded aborted babies lying in pools of blood. They were all girls.

More abortions were carried out that night than births. The abortions were of four-month-old girls. This is social engineering – “a gender-based genocide”. It happens everywhere. In some countries an abortion is less emotionally painful that going to the dentist.

The number of abortions of girls in Asia over the past 30 years equals the total number of girls and women in the USA today, namely 163 million1.

What does this little image of life in a Delhi hospital tell us? Cats are just surviving eating raw meat. It just happens to be the casually snuffed-out life of a 5-month-old girl.

People are placing a greater value on boys and men. They’ll help the family survive, make life better. They are cheaper to raise (dowry?) and can contribute more when grown up. Is that it?

So, why do people place greater value in males than females? The answer is the obvious one: men can get a job more easily and it pays better. They can support their parents.

But isn’t the reason why men get better paid jobs than women because it is a male dominated society? It is self-perpetuating. Men dominate politics, the workplace and the family. The woman is in the shadow the man.

It does not have to be this way. The answer is total equality between men and women. The fact that we are far from that simple, obvious and desirable goal indicates that we are far less civilized than we think we are.

Although that single cat got his gruesome meal in a Delhi hospital, it could be argued that the cat, in general, is less well off because of global mass sex-selective abortion. This is because women prefer domestic cats to dogs and men the reverse.

What if there were no women in America? Think of the impact on the domestic cat.


  1. Christianity Today
  2. Photo by Daquella manera

4 thoughts on “Cat Eats Feotus”

  1. An interesting but quite gruesome article.
    Abortion is interfering with Nature and no good can come of that! Those people who ask for abortions and the ones who carry out the abortions need to stop and think that someone might have done it to them, then they wouldn’t exist! They have no more right to exist than the lives they are taking.
    Life to some seems so very cheap but they would think it was a different story if someone took their life from them.
    The killing of any living being before OR after birth is wrong!
    Messing with the number of men allowed to be born against the number of women is wrong!
    I totally despair of the human race on behalf of the innocent ones and the innocent animals in their power too.

  2. As disgusting as it may seem to some, the cat had a meal. Probably several cats had meals.

    I’m torn on the subject of abortion. In our countries, unwanted pregnancies shouldn’t exist. Here, all public clinics give birth control out free. But, in underdeveloped countries, it’s different. Many are a result of rape.

    I struggle with whether an unwanted pregnancy should be terminated or if an unwanted newborn should be tossed into the world with parents who don’t want them or in a situation where they may never be adopted. Maybe the kids would colonize, like cats, and pray that a caretaker will come along!

    As a very opinionated woman (well, that’s me), I really have no strong opinion. The circumstances would dictate how I feel.

    What is most disturbing to me is how abortion affects my spiritual beliefs. Abortion disrupts the eternal progression of souls (reincarnation), and I don’t like that.

  3. I see parallels between declawing cats and aborting human babies here in the USA. Both are drastic surgical solutions, which should be used in the worst case scenarios only, but instead they become the first choice. In both cases “doctors” are getting rich while at the same time minimizing the down sides to the surgery. Women suffer postpartum depression after an abortion, because she’s not just not pregnant anymore, she is the mother of a dead baby. Her body is all set up to have that baby. There are consequences. Women suffer because of having abortions, not to mention the risks to the mother. Abortion is not without complications. But we aren’t supposed to talk about the complications, just like with declawing. Do this simple procedure and your problems are over– but really they are just beginning. It’s the American Way to look for the easiest, quickest solution. But we bear the consequences later.

    Sad that as the cat in the article eats the body of that little girl he is eating the mortal remains of a person who might have grown to be his caretaker (or the caretaker of another cat) and have taken care of many more needs of that cat than just hunger for one day. Women do tend to care about cats more than men (usually) and a country with few women probably isn’t going to be a country very favorable for cats.

    • Great comment. I found the parallel lives of the cat and the women having the abortion poignant and intriguing but sad. I don’t like abortion. For me is is wrong. It comes back to the beginning. Abortion and declawing are parallel surgical procedures as you state.

      If a woman and man don’t want a baby then prevent it. Don’t have sex and so on. Don’t repair the damage done by unprotected sex by killing a child in the womb. And selective gender based abortion is totally mad as far as I am concerned. I understand the motivation for gender based abortion but it needs to be resisted. I hate it to be honest. I have changed though. The older and wiser you become the more clearly you see.

      the cat in the article eats the body of that little girl he is eating the mortal remains of a person who might have grown to be his caretaker

      This is poignant, ironic and massively sad for me. It almost summarizes the madness of some human behavior. The cat is always innocent. Once again this story is about people.


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