‘Cat English’ funded feral cat rescue through her £1000 a night pole dancing

Cat English, a former (?) sex worker who appears to have created her own interesting name, is a good person. She says that she’s a good person and she genuinely is because she can’t let feral cats live miserable lives without stepping in to help. And in order to fund her private cat rescue of 45 cats costing she claims between £3000-£5000 monthly she had to be a pole dancer which earned her up to £1,000 a night. She appears to have stopped pole dancing but the reporting is unclear.

Cat English with some of her 45 rescue cats
Cat English with some of her 45 rescue cats. Photo: The Sun.
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It’s an interesting mix of work: animal rescue and sex work. There is no reason, however, why they can’t go together as illustrated by Cat English.

The news media reported on June 29 that she completely made up her back story. Her book was written by a hired ghost writer and she has revealed in a Facebook post which is now deleted that the story is complete fiction. She discussed it with an editor at a publisher and figured out a “Unique Selling Point’ (USP) in order to improve the chances of success and acquire more money in order to save cats. That’s the current news. Can we believe her now?

She is 37 years old and lives in East Lancashire, UK. She started her lap dancing career at the age of 18. At the time she was trying to qualify in health and social care.

She was working in retail and her boss was a bully and she was earning a pittance. She has a friend and they discussed earning far more money in the sex work business.

She was motivated, it seems, to earn this kind of money because she needed it to feed some stray and feral cats that she had noticed in the area.

She said that she would dance one or two nights at the weekend. She would be paid £20 for a three-minute dance and if added in the tips for pole dancing naked, she said that she could bring home up to £1,000 a night.

She said that she had to repay her dad a £5,000 car loan. She said that she can earn as much in one day as she could earn in one month in the retail business.

She said that she was daunted by the idea of doing sex work at the beginning but was helped by having a friend join her. At the time she was aged 23 and she kept her new profession from her family. She travelled to Australia to do sex work abroad.

It’s reported that he made enough money to fund her sister’s degree and her cat rescue work! As well as providing for the usual outgoings for herself.

She said: “I’m a good person and I like helping people and animals.”

Like many animal advocates she can’t turn away when she sees a hungry and cold cat trying to survive in the winter in the UK.

The first cat that she fed was on a nearby farm. Her name was Petal. She was desperate for food and within days of feeding her, other stray cats turned up which is unsurprising.

She hopes that by showing people that she can do good work for animals that she can make a difference. Cat English wants to open a cat sanctuary one day.

The picture on this page is of her in what appears to be an immaculately clean and almost empty room with marble or faux marble flooring. Is this her apartment? There is a cat tree in the background and a cat bed on the floor. It looks like it is her home. If so, it is amazingly clean and tidy for a home with 45 cats! Where are the cat litter trays? How does she manage that aspect of cat caregiving on this scale? These are the kind of questions that interest me. Something is missing from the story.

It’s all very well having aspirations to run a cat rescue but you have got to have the facilities. Nonetheless, I admire this woman. People associate sex workers with people of poor morals but that is entirely incorrect.

Source: Daily Mail and The Sun.

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