Cat enjoys sitting on vibrating weight loss machine

Cat enjoys vibrating weight loss machine
Cat enjoys vibrating weight loss machine. This is a screenshot with words added.
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For the record, the cat’s name is Cyacya. He lives with Asami Niwa in Tokyo Japan. The pressing question is does this cute tabby cat enjoy sitting on a vibrating weight loss machine. It looks like that. He is more than just tolerating it, he’s actually having fun as far as I can see. This begs the question as to why.

It reminds me of something similar. Cats don’t mind if they lie over cables which looks uncomfortable to us but clearly is not for them. If a cat has a choice of a nice comfortable even area to lie on and there are some cables running over it, the cat will often lie on the cables. It is almost as if they enjoy doing it. It needs to be analysed because both sitting on a vibrating weight loss machine (seemingly uncomfortable) and lying on uncomfortable cables looks like the sort of thing that you would avoid if you are a cat unless Cyacya wanted to lose weight and believed in the process!

I will have to guess as to why he enjoys it. The only thing that I can think of is that the vibrating reminds him of being petted by his human companion. He is clearly unfazed by it because he does some self-grooming at the same time.

Postscript: vibrating the body of a cat or a human does not make that body lose weight in my opinion. It is a fiction designed to attract humans who want to lose weight without any effort. It’s like some magical diet which makes you lose weight without effort. People want to do it that way because they are lazy, but losing weight always requires effort. There is no shortcut to this obvious and simple formula. It means less energy in and more energy out i.e less food and more excercise.

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