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Cat escapes hotel seconds before it collapses after fire — 12 Comments

      • Michael, it reminds me of my own near shave with death in Talumben in Bali. I was doing a “Open water Scuba Course’ at Tulamben in Bali with “Dive Concepts” resort. On the first day of the first ever “SCUBA DIVE” i nearly drowned. I was told to do a underwater drill of removing my “Breathing Mouthpiece” while under water and reinserting it again. I removed the mouthpiece but couldn’t fit it back and was breathing in salt water. Was about to press the “Buoyancy Chamber” inflation button to rise up mto surface immediately when the dive instructor forced the mouthpiece into my mouth and luckily air started coming instead of salt water. The difference between “Life & Death or serious hospitalization” was a few seconds. I own 2 cats and must have used some of their “Cat lives”. It was a miraculous escape from a near drowning experience.The way this cat “SYLVESTER” came out from the collapsing rubble reminded me of the manner in which the breathing mouthpiece stuck to my mouth in the last second before calamity.

        • A nice but unnerving comparison. It can all happen so fast. We are sometimes a split second from death and it can happen quite unexpectedly and casually. Life changing events can happen at anytime.

      • Our cat Spot fell down a well and it took 2 days of searching to find and rescue him. After than we could never put him in a carrier to go to the vet. Confinement traumatized him and I’d have to carry him in. He’d lay on the front seat on the drive and was a good boy.

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