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Cat escapes Westberry house of horror to be saved and loved — 21 Comments

  1. This is fantastic news and it is great to hear some really good news coming out of this very upsetting story which nearly always contains bad news of course.

    This is a long-running story but it is a major cat story I believe because it touches on so many aspects of cat ownership. It was good to see that some cats managed to survive the negligence or abuse dished out by this woman.

  2. Thank you Elisa, you made me relaxed by sharing this good news. Yesterday I was really badly depressed and stressed because of one abuse vet story on my facebook. I can not stop me to read all this because I am fond of reading but as you know! I am really sensitive (beyond any normal cat lover) so it hurts me badly when abuse stories are online in maximum and those with real welfare in rare. 🙁

    But again . . . thank you so much and God bless you, ameen.

    • There may be a lot of residents in the Belton area who have taken in what they thought are stray cats and are really cats who were turned loose or escaped. We’ll never know about most of them, so any that are found are little miracles.

      • Thank you Michael, my friend, Yes you are right, but I seek where the wrong was in the story and what kind of psychology the cruel person had, I am also a student and teacher of psychology (welfare) and para-psychology (as welfare) so I with the passage of age am becoming strange sensitive and maybe (perhaps) JOHN the prophet hearted person or maybe JESUS alike lover to everyone, don’t know but never wish to re-act as BAD man. But something goes wrong inside my spirit and I lock my self in my studies and cry. A man cry, adult man??? seems strange to myself, too. But I just put myself in the place of victim and that hurts a lot 🙁

        Michael! please add me on facebook as I am regular user of facebook and I sent you a request so that I can share my cat and kittens videos to you directly.

        Now a days I am very busy in making maps of cage for cats and different aspect of discussion with family (wife and Khadija). The wood work (carpentry) is not easy at all and it requires exact angles to be made for a professional artist like me, I have 5 years experience from my school in Danmark.

        Here is the link of my latest video on facebook which I hope you will convert to a small page article. Hope I will be regular within few weeks with many pictures and all receipts of money spent in work. Let it be in surprise until you all see it and please me with your suggestion comments. Actually extreme weather conditions are also concerned into my minds both for summer hottest seasons and winter the bone breaking seasons as I live in high mountain area. I was just dreaming to meet you one day, Michael. just love you as friend, as a cat lover and love to read your articles, thank you again <3

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