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Cat euthanasia in shelters a big factor in stress for shelter employees — 1 Comment

  1. Those are great suggestions to really help those compassionate shelter workers. But they depend on those at the top of the tree promoting an all species ethical stance.

    In the UK, so much killing is hidden in charity based rescue. The RSPCA, The Blue Cross and the PDSA are known for very high kill rates, but are not honest about it. Try deciphering the outcome figures from the RSPCA, their figures are deliberately covert, fluffily worded when hiding the big kill rates. I am not ure they even mention the fact that they kill at all. Corporate management speak has a lot to answer for.

    Cats Protection, with its franchise system of branches depends on the ethics/morals of the branch co-ordinators as to live or die outcomes. Some branches have an auto kill policy for any stray or feral who tests positive for FeLv or FIV, no matter the condition of the cat.

    Some smaller charities are doing very good work, they don’t get much recognition, the corporate charities get the biggest donations, always, leaving smaller ones to do the best they can.

    I have known people volunteering with big and small charities get close to total breakdown due to the killing, the bullying, the immorality of those in charge. The agency of volunteers is very limited to like it or leave here.

    An RSPCA inspector took her own life a few years ago, due to the tick box killing mentality of her employers and the bullying. She saved many beings from being routinely killed.

    In the USA the shelter system seems to be evolving a bit. They are at least honest about
    how many cats are killed. Hardly anyone here even knows what No Kill is.

    This all contributes to the traumatising of volunteers who genuinely love and want to help animals. Many of our little rescues seem to be stuck in terminal negativity and bleakness.

    Hope for all species and volunteers here is lost pretty much.

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