Cat Eye Crust

How do I remove the crust around the corners of my cat's eyes? which are commonly found on long-hair cats ...see pictures.

Hi, thanks for the question. Great cat by the way. Has he or she been on the site before? Your pictures don't show. I think that you are referring to a condition where crusts always form (meaning abnormally) rather than intermittently (which I consider normal). All long haired cats don't suffer from this but "Ultra" (flat faced) Persians and Himalayans (pointed Persians) as you know have narrowed nasolacrimal ducts or tear ducts due to the unnatural anatomy of the face that prevents proper drainage causing stains and crusts. Persian Cat Health

Blockages can occur for other reasons such as thick secretions, dirt or damage from fights.

Commonsense indicates two things to do. A vet can check if the duct is blocked. If tears run freely there should be no abnormal crust. If all is within the bounds of "normal" then there are products to clean eyes.

The best known one is Angels' Eyes Tear-Stain Eliminator for Dogs and Cats, Sweet Potato Flavor, 120 Gram Bottle. There are others, of course.

Judging by the photograph supplied I would not consider that your cat has a "problem" with tear duct drainage and crusts, if this is her/his natural condition. It may be that it shows more on white cats and even if tear drainage is within the limits of normal it might be more noticeable.

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