Cat Eye Makeup

Cat eye makeup
Cat eye makeup (or make-up)
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I don’t know anything about cat eye makeup except that it must be makeup that tries to copy the appearance of the eyes of a domestic cat. Common sense or cat sense 😉 I do know a bit about cat eyes, though.

Judging by the finished look women involved in the makeup business have decided that the cat eye has dark eyeliner around it with a “wing” projecting out of the outer corner. If I am totally wrong please tell me but it won’t make any difference 😉

Here is another picture of cat eye makeup:

Cat eye makeup
Cat eye makeup. Photo Ashley Harrigan.

This tabby cat has beautiful eyes which have that dark eyeliner and even the tabby pattern neatly extends from the outer corner of the eye:

Cat eye showing dark eyeliner around the eye
Cat eye showing dark eyeliner around the eye. Photo by Gleep!

A variation of the dark eyeliner around the eyes of many cats is the purebred with “spectacles”. Women in the makeup business don’t refer to this interesting variation and perhaps they should. I am referring to the eye makeup of the Toyger, as one example.

Cat breeders use the language of makeup which I find interesting. It merges cat breeding and the makeup business. It is a bit sad really, isn’t it?

Breeders refer to “natural makeup”. They are referring to “white spectacles” (headlights or white fur around eyes) and “black mascara” (dark lines like mascara around the eyes). They even refer to “lipstick”, which should be around the mouth.

Here is a picture showing the enhanced Toyger makeup look 😉 The white fur adds contrast to the dark eyeliner which is the pigmented skin around the eyes (the eyelid).

"Buck" a Toyger cat
“Buck” a Toyger cat. Photo copyright Helmi Flick.

I’d like to see another video on YouTube showing how to do Toyger makeup, which will be all the rage and “trending”.

6 thoughts on “Cat Eye Makeup”

  1. Interesting subject.
    I don’t find the slanted eye look anything like a cat’s roundish, bright eyes.
    There seems to be more of a similarity to Cat Woman than to actual cats.
    However, this look for women, accompanied by a cat strut, and the right scent could get her a few bucks walking the streets.

    • I think you are right. Except for the dark eyeliner I don’t see the connection between cat eyes and cat eye makeup. Still, as long as people believe it is like cat eyes, who cares. It is more about a name for a certain style of makeup rather than a literal copying.

  2. Yeee Gods is that what passes for beauty these days? I have to agree with Ruth, she looks a bit she’s had a run in with a wasps nest to me. Maybe beauty is in the eye of the beholder, my eye sees a girl with too much make up and ego LOL, maybe it’s the Emperor’s new clothes all over again and we’re all expected to say Ooooh how pretty she is, Ooooh how much she looks like a pussy cat, well sorry but she isn’t and she doesn’t. Haha!

  3. Well no matter how much any woman tries, her eyes
    will never be as beautiful as a cat’s eyes, they don’t need thick make up on theirs.
    She just looks stupid in that picture and as for the lips lol do men find that attractive? REALLY? She looks like she’s been punched in the mouth or maybe had a double dose of botox lol

    • I will enjoy the comments on this article because it will give me information about how women think 😉 Agreed that cat’s eyes are the best. Cats have beautiful eyes which is why women copy them.

    • That made me laugh Ruth, because I feel about the same. As far as the ladies matching the beauty of a cats eye, never! They are such magnificent creatures. Natural beauties!


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