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  1. My newly adopted cat is a one year old Manx mix. Her eyes look odd to me- like they always have that shiny yellow reflection to them, the black part of the eye almost never looks pure black. No matter what time of the day, from almost all angles of view. Any idea what might cause this?

  2. So, it doesn’t matter what are the real color of his eyes? I have seen many cats eyes are colored like green or blue. My cat’s eyes color is pretty dark. I thought that was the problem which his eyes are not bright in the dark. My friend had a cat, i had have seen his cat’s eyes are bright at night even just in a dark living room.

    • Hi Amos. It doesn’t matter about the color of the cat’s eyes. They all have the same reflective layer at the back of the eye behind the retina called the tapetum lucidum. It reflects light back to the retina to boost the amount of light that the retina receives.

      The eye color is pigment in the iris.

  3. hi , i have a black kitten is about 11 weeks old,. but his eyes are not bright at night and in the dark, so i almost stepped on him everytime when he was in the dark.
    my question is how come his eyes are not bright?
    are they going to change when he gets older?

    • Hi Amos. What is happening is that there is no light source shining into his eyes. His eyes are bright at night but it needs a light to hit the back of the eye at the correct angle. So if he is outside at night and you shine a torch from say 20 yards away (a good distance) into his face you should see the reflection from the back of the eye provided the light rays enter the eye perpendicular to the eye. You only see that bright ghostly light from a cat’s eyes at certain angles: both for the person looking at the cat and the light entering the eye. Thanks for visiting and asking.

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  5. My Siamese cat can’t see at all in daylight, she falls off the porch, runs into the fence, she can only go outside in the evening or cloudy days, whats wrong with her?

    • She has blue eyes. Blue eyes have irises that have very little or no melanin pigmentation. That means they let in more light. Ordinary sunlight is probably too bright for her. Have you watched her eyes in bright light? Do the pupils close down to a slit and does the eyelid close over the slit?

      It should do and the pupil should narrow. If it doesn’t I would have her sight checked out. The light may still be too bright for her because light is getting through the iris and hitting the retina. This may be causing discomfort or making it difficult to see.

      Conclusion: her eyes are letting too much light. That is my guess but always see a vet if in doubt. Good luck to you both.

  6. My mother has a cat whose eyes never show the “slit” most cats eyes do. The cats pupils are always round. Is this normal?

    • In my opinion it is not normal unless the cat is permanently in dark places or where the light is subdued. If he is in normal light then it means to me that his iris is not closing properly. This may be due to partial blindness. A typical disease that causes this is retinal atrophy. But I am guessing. I’d check that the iris responding to light. Cats hide blindness very well. He may not be blind though.

  7. my cat has amber colored eyes this might be a stupid question but her eyes look like the eyes of the lions i see on tv is it possible she has lion in her blood?

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