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Cat Face Underwear — 14 Comments

  1. Humorous, sexy or otherwise unique underwear is usually worn for the benefit of others, since we’re not actually seeing it unless looking in the mirror. I think the panties in the top photo are cute, and might enjoy them more if I was her intimate partner.

    I’ve never had any cat oriented clothing, except for a long sleeved denimn shirt that has small embroidered cats all over it. I’ve received many comments, and people seem to like it. I have looked at cat t-shirts, but so far haven’t seen any I really liked.

    I did have some beautiful cat earrings that were given to me by a friend.

    Now I’m intrigued, and will do a little research on cat knickers!

  2. Holy cow I think something is wrong with you people who find this as mild porn and degrading to cats. Makes me think you guys are the ones with the sick twisted mind. Its underwear not a real cat geesh. You see less revealing things at the beach then you see in these photos. I applaud the lady who had the sense of humor to take the photo. The world needs more laughter and less hate.

  3. I find it uncomfortable associating mild porn with cats, or any animal. There is so much exploitation of animals and there seems to be no lines drawn or boundaries these days. I absolutely love cats but I don’t want their faces on my knickers thanks all the same and if I got to the point of viewing a chap’s underkegs and they had a little pussycat face smiling at me I think I’d rapidly go off the boil and send him home to his mummy.

    • find it uncomfortable associating mild porn with cats, or any animal.

      I think that is a very astute comment, Babz. It is associating mild porn (is it mild porn?) with cats and cats are innocent and pure and should not be tainted by the ways of humans. That said, I personally find this okay.

      • True, obviously they are sex mad at times but that’s instinct and it’s to procreate, not for all the mucky and sickening thrills humans use porn for. Nowt wrong with a bit of nooky but please, in private.

  4. Not for me! I think it’s degrading to cats to have them decorating underwear, I hate the top picture especially since reading about the crush craze where perverted women push kittens up inside themselves for thrills…..not thrilling for the kittens smothered and crushed to death in that disgusting way.
    I HATE any exploitation or abuse of cats.
    Some humans are VILE!

  5. Lovely, Dee. Thank for that image, LOL. I really dig these kitty boycuts–will have to do some ebaying to spruce up my Paypal acct. Yeah! Sure beats my Hello Kitty undies. Mrowr!

    Thankies, Michael for posting!

  6. Wow!
    Nothing like imagining a girl’s snatch in the middle of the day!
    Not really my style; but, I would make an exception for Hunka-hunka Chris Scordo (King’s caretaker).
    MEOW, Chris!

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