Cat Face Underwear

Is cat face underwear trending? Not sure but I don’t think so. People, through, are interested in the product and I’ll bet my bottom dollar it is women who are 99% of the customers for underwear with a feline motif. It is mainly female underwear inline with the general view that women like cats more than men.

I need this to let my man know who is in command in this house (someone who wants to buy)

Cat face underwear for women

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I have just noticed that the photo above was taken by the woman wearing the cat face knickers (panties in the USA). She has taken the picture in a mirror. I can tell because you can see the camera strap in the mirror. Good on her. She is sexy.

Cat facr knickers panties x

So what do you think ladies? The top photo is mild porn which is quite rare to see when you are concerned with writing about cats.

The description of the underwear is in French, therefore I suppose this is likely to be a cat/human product sold in France.

Shorty à motif chatons. Shorty taille basse moyennement couvrant. 95 % coton, 5 % élasthanne. Lavable en machine.

The French call this undergarment a “shorty”. The French like to steal English words but the authorities don’t like it because they are keen to preserve the French language.

“Shorty à motif chatons” means knickers with a cat picture.

“taille basse moyennement couvrant” means a medium-sized hipster.

At the date of the post they are dirt cheap at 2.5 Euros (half price). Not popular then.

The cat is a tabby and white kitten. Top Shop sell them (see

And now for the male stuff. Here is an example of cat face underwear for men on Google.

cat face mens underwear
cat face mens underwear

Well men what do you think of that? Not for me and I love cats. I wonder whether men will buy these to give their female partner a sign that they like cats as a way of softening them up in bed 😉

Here are two more examples.

Cat Face Bra
Cat Face Bra
Cat panties
Cat panties

14 thoughts on “Cat Face Underwear”

  1. Humorous, sexy or otherwise unique underwear is usually worn for the benefit of others, since we’re not actually seeing it unless looking in the mirror. I think the panties in the top photo are cute, and might enjoy them more if I was her intimate partner.

    I’ve never had any cat oriented clothing, except for a long sleeved denimn shirt that has small embroidered cats all over it. I’ve received many comments, and people seem to like it. I have looked at cat t-shirts, but so far haven’t seen any I really liked.

    I did have some beautiful cat earrings that were given to me by a friend.

    Now I’m intrigued, and will do a little research on cat knickers!


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