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  1. I like your article, but I need to clarify these facts:

    “A cat’s eyes are much larger than ours in relation to the head – ours would be 8 inches in diameter if they were the same size.”

    maybe 8cm, as a human head, to contain two 8in eyes, should be at least 16in wide!

    “20 million cats in the USA have their toes amputated to please their owners”

    I’m pretty sure this number is wrong… I HOPE!

    • Thanks for that, Andrea. I think this might be a typo! However, the information comes from Cat Owner’s Home Veterinary Handbook. To quote:

      The eyes of cat are unusually large. In fact, if humans has an eye of comparable size, it would measure almost 8 inches (20cm) in diameter.

      Diameter is the distance across the eye. I think the complication is this. The vet authors are referring to the size of the eye in relation to the size of the head and face. However, I believe they are wrong and you are nearer the truth. I would have thought our eyes would be about twice the diameter is we had cat-like eyes which is even less than 8 cms, more like 4 cms maximum. Anyway, I’ll leave a note next to the fact to refer to these comments.

      The 20 million figure is correct I am afraid or it is close to that figure. Lots of people in the USA declaw their cats.

      It is estimated that 25% of owned cats in the United States are declawed (Patronek 2001)

      There are about 85 million domestic cats in homes in the USA so that makes over 20 million are declawed.

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  3. Your “facts” page is humorous. The things that you include as “facts”, such as the “best” foods is laughable. Its too bad that you take such liberties as this could be a really good source but instead it is a display of your vanity. As there are so many areas where you substitute your own opinion for fact, the reader is left not being able to trust any of the statements here.

    • Thanks for the comment. At the top of the page I say the page is about facts and opinion. At the top of the page I list hard facts. What are facts? I think you need to answer that question because a lot of so called facts on the internet are not facts. At least I am being honest in declaring at the beginning that I am giving my opinion.

      Also I do provide a lot of facts because a lot of the posts are based on top quality sources and on most pages I quote the sources. Who does that other than Wikipedia? I really don’t know what you are getting at. The site is packed full of facts. You are referring to one page out of 7,000! What are you talking about?

      Update: I have just reminded myself what is on this page as it was written about 4 years ago and I can honestly say that you are talking a lot of mumbo jumbo. There are piles of facts and on the site generally there are tons more. And I don’t have any vanity. I do have the courage to criticise when it is justified. Perhaps you are one person I have indirectly criticised.

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