Cat Falls Out of Window Prank is Not Genuine

I don’t believe this is a genuine prank. I think it was performed by both the boyfriend and girlfriend. In other words they are both acting.

Tell me what you think.

If it is genuine and I don’t believe it is, it is not funny but it sure as hell made some money for them both in advertising revenue.

23 thoughts on “Cat Falls Out of Window Prank is Not Genuine”

  1. My God what absolute stupidity, I wasn’t sure if she was acting or not at first but when she didn’t kill him for it I decided she must have been in on it if anyone had done that to me they would have been toast! It’s frightening that cats are in the power of people like this that will use them for financial gain and to give people cheap laughs.

  2. Yes, it all looks staged.

    If not, and the girl had been me, the boyfriend would have taken a fall also, cringing and holding his “package”.


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