Cat Falls Out of Window Prank is Not Genuine

I don’t believe this is a genuine prank. I think it was performed by both the boyfriend and girlfriend. In other words they are both acting.

Tell me what you think.

If it is genuine and I don’t believe it is, it is not funny but it sure as hell made some money for them both in advertising revenue.

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23 thoughts on “Cat Falls Out of Window Prank is Not Genuine”

  1. My God what absolute stupidity, I wasn’t sure if she was acting or not at first but when she didn’t kill him for it I decided she must have been in on it if anyone had done that to me they would have been toast! It’s frightening that cats are in the power of people like this that will use them for financial gain and to give people cheap laughs.

  2. Yes, it all looks staged.

    If not, and the girl had been me, the boyfriend would have taken a fall also, cringing and holding his “package”.

  3. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

    Absolutely disgusting that those idiots made money out of this video, of course it was staged, if she had truly believed it she would have been far more upset than she was! I have wondered how money was made out of ‘funny’ videos and now I know, I’m worried how far people will go to make money out of abusing and exploiting cats.
    Those of us who didn’t think the idiot dragging the cat Simon through a public park was funny, have the sense to know that cats are more at risk than ever from ‘copycats’ going to greater lengths to provide laughs for the scum who thrive on seeing cats abused.

    1. The sole reason behind making these videos is to make money from advertising which is presented at the beginning of the video or underneath it. That being the motivator you can bet your bottom dollar that ethics take a back seat.

      1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

        It’s disgusting the lengths of depravity that people will go to,to get money!
        I’d rather stay poor and struggling any day than film our cats, or any cats at all, being abused to make money out of them.

        1. It’s disgusting the lengths of depravity that people will go to,to get money!

          They don’t think it is. It is just fun for the makers. We have a different perspective and standards of cat welfare.

  4. It is staged. Also its very Cruel, What a mean Person to do that on Purpose. Look Just how upset The women was upset. I would Never let that Man get away with doing that, he be out the door lol.

    1. I think she was play acting along with it as well. The whole video reeked of acting. It’s still nothing humorous to joke about. A cat falling out a window causing possible injuries and or death just doesn’t set right with me. Ugh!

  5. The DUMB HEAD is lucky that this CAT LOVER girl did not kicked on his A*s.

    This can cause a trauma to a cat lover and we as human beings must avoid such PRANKS because if any cat lover just get a stroke due to that or some thing happens to any human life due to such incident, hmmm . . . I may say, Be careful A*S holes.

    πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

    1. Yes, strong words. For me it is a performance. Both of them are performing and if I am correct the woman is not shocked because she knows the cat is a cardboard cutout. That said it could encourage people to do the wrong thing.

      1. Yes, Michael that is what i noticed also. That’s why i said she moved much too slowly for someone who just had her cat fall out a window. She was out of view of the camera and still screaming and i didn’t hear any doors opening and running out. Then the camera didn’t focus in on her face for long as to see if she really was crying. I do believe it was staged. Still not funny to joke about .

    2. Yes. I agree with you. Let me tell you of a story that happened to me once with my first cat Chad. All my windows was open in my apartment on this beautiful spring day. Chad got up in the window and i heard this noise and i turned just in time to see that the screen had fallen out from the window and he was still clinging to it as it fell forward and fell against a tree outside my kitchen window. I yelled in shock and then told myself don’t shout… I approached calmly and got a hold of him and put him down in the floor and then turned my attention to the screen. I put it back but was never secure enough to allow him back in that window. I am on the first floor also. Just the thought of him falling out and in fear maybe running away sent me in a moment’s panic. So, for someone to joke about something like that just puts a bad taste in my mouth! I have actually heard of cats falling many floors before and surviving. Those stories of survival are what i like to hear. Screens can be an iffy thing too. I don’t trust them to provide much protection other than allowing air inside.

  6. Don’t get me wrong, i like a good joke like every one else. Like anything else excessive in life, people can carry things a bit too far. This is one of them. I don’t care if it was a cardboard likeness or what it is. It was not funny to me in the least. Acting , real or not, i just do not think this is funny. Then to exploit someone’s love they have for their cat, it is incomprehensible! There was no overreaction on her part if ask me to convince me. I mean if that had been me, the police would of been called on me over how upset i was. I would of been out that door even if i was naked. She just didn’t move quickly enough for me to convince me it was real.

    1. Agree with all you say. What is sad is the video gets over 4 million views while serious videos trying to improve cat welfare or videos about the plight of wild cats get a few thousand. It is a reflection on humankind’s shallow behavior and the cat as a vehicle for entertainment.

      1. Well, it just shows mankinds realism. It’s what man has been reduced to. To laugh at the bad and or potential for bad and scoff at the rest. That’s my take on it. Often times man’s heart is in the wrong place. I think perhaps its the way some people are raised. It has to be. Humor is good for the soul, but not at a cat’s dispense. Any animal for that matter. Hope everyone has a good day. If it is day where you are.=)

  7. It was on the nightly news here in the states and they claim she did not know and was horrified. They regularly play jokes on each other. She drew something on his face in permanent marker one day and he didn’t notice it until someone told him about it. I didn’t hear what it was, but I’m sure it was embarrassing. So is it all staged? Who knows? Stupid kids are going to end up separated someday when it goes too far.

    Curious, what advertising money are they earning? From YouTube? Didn’t think that did much for you unless someone clicked on it.

    1. I am convinced it is staged πŸ˜‰ LOL. They earn advertising revenue through AdSense (Google adverts) at the beginning of the video. As it has received over 4m views they have possibly earned a bit from the video. Perhaps around a few hundred dollars but if they have ten of these that makes several thousand dollars and a liveable income.

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