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  1. Hello Michael!
    You’re article put my mind at ease. I adopted a female Tortie from my local Humane Society on 2/5/20. She had the usual shot, flea treatment, etc that shelters provide. They thought that she was about 4 years old. She and another cat had been abandoned in a vacant apartment and the landlord found them. She was a little reserved and shy when I brought her home. I think she’s feeling more comfortable and safe this past week. I did take her in for her first vet visit today. I was a little taken back that she is FIV+. I felt so bad for her. She had her shots today and will have the second round in 3 weeks. I am going to provide her with the best life that I possibly can. She’s an indoor cat, I don’t know if that’s what she was prior to me adopting her and she’s an only cat. She is so sweet, but still a little shy. I don’t know if it’s the newness (we are in a 475 sq ft apartment, so it’s not like there’s
    a lot to explore) or if that’s her personality. At any rate, she’s well loved. My last cat passed a little over 2 years ago and I was really missing having a fur companion. It comes down to that bumper sticker that I’ve seen, “who rescued who”. So, your article helped because it’s nice to know that Lily can have a long, happy and healthy life, despite her condition.

    Dallas L

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