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Cat flaps can make your home vulnerable to burglary — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you Dee and Michael for this information. We have a homemade cat door built into our screen door with a regular heavy duty door inside to close and lock when we are not at home. We never leave it exposed without one of us keeping watch. This being said our cats do not wander out alone either.

  2. If you have an “indoor/outdoor” cat there must be a way that the cat can get in and out, unless you are the sentry that opens and closes the door or window.

    In Hawaii, I always just left the window up enough for them to get in and out. I placed a board above the window so it couldn’t be opened except from the inside. I never had a cat door until I moved to California.

    Some cats, like Gabriel, are smart enough to figure out how to open a window, especially if it’s a lever type handle. Although, I haven’t heard about any cats closing the window behind them.

    Sometimes small children are used to get into the house via the cat door.

    But it’s wise not to leave keys nearby any potential
    opening to the house, unless they’re well hidden.

  3. Not so much concerned about burglars as I would be about the invasion of other animals.
    I wish that I could upload photos of what damage squirrels or raccoons could create. They can destroy a home in less than 2 hours, and while we sleep.
    No cat flaps here, ever.

    • I didn’t realise cat flaps were such a weakness in respect of access by wildlife. Dee, please try the photo uploader as it does work sometimes! Alternatively email the pics to me and I’ll add them: mjbmeister@gmail.com.

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