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  1. I have a kitten that i think has flea allergy dermatitis, but im only 16 and i dont think i could afford to take her to the vet. what are the best ways to get rid of fleas, flea medicine, flea collar, or what?

    • You’ll have to stop your cat from being bitten by a flea even a single flea.

      That means a total clean up of your home, top to bottom. The carpets if you have any should be thoroughly cleaned and hoovered.

      You should then flea comb your cat daily or twice daily with a flea comb (32 prongs to the inch). It must be a flea comb.

      Then apply Frontline flea drops to your cat as per the instructions. It must be treatment for a cat and not a dog and it must be applied per the instructions.

      Then keep cleaning and combing and dropping! If your cat is allergic to the flea bite it is very hard to cure because it is hard to get rid of all fleas. It only takes on flea and one bite to cause the allergy to start up.

      You might read this page too: Why does my cat overgroom? Also Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth might prove useful.

      Cat flea bite allergy is one of the tough ones for both the owner and cat. The flea is a very durable parasite so you have to DECLARE WAR ON THE BLOODY THING!

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