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Cat Flea Resistance To Flea Treatments — 8 Comments

  1. I have nothing put tile in every room and no rugs.I wash pet bedding every other day .My cats have no problem with fleas ,and the outside dogs get sprayed with adams flea spray.It seems to work.

  2. Humidity also plays a role. Fleas have to have 50% humidity to live. In the south we’ve dealt with near 100 degree temps and 90% humidity. Our cats are all indoors and the only thing that’s worked is Advantage. Laura even wipes down tables with the natural flea sprays to be sure the eggs are dead. Also used diatomaceous earth and that didn’t work. Neither did the $18 bottle of shampoo from the vet, Frontline, the sprays for bedding. Advantage was the only thing to kill them off.

    • When I lived in Cyprus the only flea treatment available was Frontline and even my vet admitted that it no longer seemed to be very effective in killing them. My longhaired cat was worst affected and despite daily combing, combined with monthly treatments, she always had fleas 🙁

      I’d assumed the flea problem was due to the intense heat and dusty environment, but Elisa’s comment about humidity being a contributing factor makes a lot of sense, because Paphos is horribly humid during the summer months.

      Since I returned to the UK I’ve now switched to Advantage, which so far is keeping all the cats flea free.

        • Advantage doesn’t kill ticks, but none of my cats have ever had ticks, despite spending some time outside during the day. That may be because we’re not close to any fields or areas with long grass.

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