Cat Food Is Ant Food

by Michael
(London, UK)

Cane toad - photo by Doug Greenberg (Flickr)

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Cane toad - photo by Doug Greenberg (Flickr)

30th March 2010: Cat food is ant food if you are in Australia fighting the plague of cane toads that, incidentally, were introduced to Australia by Australians (from Hawaii in 1935) to try and control beetles on sugarcane plantations. The plan failed and there are now millions of cane toads attacking native species across Australia with their poison.

And lets be clear, Australians don't like their native species attacked by foreign toads even if they did import them.

Neither do Australians like feral cats because they too attack native species. Sadly Australians don't understand that the human also destroys native species through the destruction of forests, the building of roads, and all manner of human activity. But we won't talk about that. A recent story about how cats destroy native Australian species is the one concerning the Savannah cat: Savannah Cat Ban in Australia in Wrong.

meat ant
Photo by teejaybee

A novel way of killing the cane toad is to place cat food near ponds (billabongs) where young cane toads emerge. Meat ants are attracted to the cat food (this is a good way of using cat food waste).

Meat ants apparently like cat food although it is hardly meat in the conventional sense. Meat ants are also immune to the poison that is emitted by cane toads that attacks the heart of predators (predators of the cane toad, as I understand it).

So when the young cane toads emerge they are attacked by the meat ants that are in the vicinity. In fact 98% were attacked by meat ants within 2 minutes. Injuries inflicted on the young toads killed 80% of them within a day.

Up until cat food cricket bats and golf clubs were used to club them to death!

Clearly this is a novel way to kill imported toads and preserve native Australian wildlife. I wonder what type of cat food they use?

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Dec 24, 2010 Cane toads
by: Alisha

Cane toads are killing increasing numbers of freshwater crocodiles in the Northern Territory, a leading biologist has warned. In the South America, the density was recorded to be 20 adults per 109 yards of shoreline, 50 to 100 times lower than the density in the Australia.

Mar 31, 2010 I have heard of these toads
by: kathy

I have heard of these toads. I have seen them on TV of course. I like your way of killing them. I also am the owner of a Savannah kitten. She is the second one because the first one was too aggresive and we couldnt handle her. The thrill of owning a wild cat was in the back of our minds when we adopted Kachina the first kitten. After 2 months she proved to be too much for us to handle. She became cage aggresive. We only kept her in the cage for her own protection and to make sure she was eating enough. She clearly was interested in playing with the other cats instead of eating. We now have her full sister who is the sweetest kitten you ever could have. Why the difference in temperment only God will ever know. She has a litter mate who the breeder has told me has shown signs of being aggresive. Kachina is fine as long as you dont try to handle her. Our new kitty Arora lets me carry her around like a baby and has only growled once since we had her. I do spoil her and hold the food dish for her when I give her the wet food. (Just to make sure she eats it ) Good luck getting rid of the cane toads, Humans dont know what they are doing to our planet.

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