Cat food made with “nature-identical” chicken meat available soon

Nathan Winograd (America’s best animal advocate), in his newsletter, tells me about a product which interest me because I’m concerned about the environment, global warming and animal welfare. I want to try and do my bit to curb climate change. I believe everybody should do their bit because only in that way will we manage to bring matters under control. He mentions that a business called Bond Pet Foods have announced that they will begin feeding trials of its “nature-identical” chicken meat protein cat food in early 2023.

Pre-dried chicken protein produced by precision fermentation
Pre-dried chicken protein produced by precision fermentation. Image: in public domain.
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The business makes this chicken meat alternative using a process called “precision fermentation”. It doesn’t require killing chickens. It doesn’t entail the abuse of chickens as the whole process is a human-made lab creation. It is a scientific, chemical process as I understand it in which microorganisms produce specific enzymes or protein ingredients.

“Fermentation is a relatively old technology that is now being utilized to produce microbial proteins that can replace animal proteins in alternative dairy and meat segments” –

Bond Pet Foods leadership, from left, Tony Day, Rich Kelleman, Pernilla Audibert
Bond Pet Foods leadership, from left, Tony Day, Rich Kelleman, Pernilla Audibert. Photo: Bond Pet Foods.

They announced a “partnership with Hill’s Pet Nutrition to develop a craft meat protein for its product portfolio growth”. They hope to have their meat proteins ready for commercialisation within two years. I presume that means large scale production.

Bond Pet Foods is known for making plant-based pet treats. They shifted their focus to pet foods with the creation of nature-identical chicken and other meat proteins. The business is based in Boulder, Colorado, USA. They are looking at healthier options for our animal companions.

The business was co-founded by Rich Kelleman and Pernilla Audibert as part of a global pet food market valued at US$110 billion in 2021 and which is projected to grow 5% annually throughout the forthcoming decade and is expected to be worth hundred US$64 billion by 2021.

Using what appears to be an entirely different process, a stem cell system, Israel’s Future Meat Technologies has produced their first cultivated lamb. It looks and behaves just like lamb. The producers say that it is indistinguishable from conventional lamb “because it is, first and foremost, real meat. It sizzles, sears and tastes just like people expect-and it’s amazing”.

Lamb is a primary source for several countries in the Middle East, North Africa and parts of Asia. And Europe consumes the most lamb in the world. Comment: I do not know how people can eat lamb knowing full well that it is a lamb that has been slaughtered. It just seems totally unacceptable when you think about meat as the flesh of a sweet animal. Therefore, I am very pleased to read about this development.

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