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  1. Michael, as you know, things can change quickly in this category, especially when large companies take over others. There is a site that does keep up with these things, and contacts manufacturers. I recommend that pet guardians check out http://www.TruthAboutPetFood.com, and subscribe to “Petsumer” report, which is continually updated with new information.

    Remember, most pet foods are made with dead and diseased dogs, cats, and other animals, including non-descript tissue. When euthanized shelter animals are ground up, their collars remain on so that all goes into the mix. There’s a surveillance YouTube video that was taken showing this “difficult truth”.

    Euthanized animals have DRUGS that also end up in the pet food.

  2. If you’re feeding a “prescription diet” (Royal Canin,
    Hill’s, Science Diet) take a good look at the ingredients, after you’ve informed yourself of what to look for.

    You may be in for a shock as the “difficult truth” will be revealed.

    “Prescription diets” are not really healthy, as you will discover. But they do help the vet’s profit.

    Do you know that the nutritional education that vets get in school are presented by Hills, and Royal Canin? What foods will the vets promote? Take a guess. It’s really no different than the drug pushing M.D.s who get benefits from the drug companies.

    Loving your cat means getting informed about what you’re feeding them. I know that dry food is more convenient and inexpensive. What they eat matters. It will catch up with them, and you will end up paying vet bills to try to save their life. “PAY NOW or PAY LATER”

  3. For every animal is different, Royal Canin provides adapted nutritional answers for your animal. Royal Canin focus totally on the animal, with the aim of improving daily life and ensuring better health for dogs and cats through nutrition.
    Royal Canin Pet Food

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